Danny Deardorff – “Chameleon”

The Sleeve: 
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
To my wife, Joyce, who taught me this: Poetry does not make life beautiful: no, it is the way we live that gives beauty to our poems. With all my heart, this album is yours… Danny

Personal Review:
Let me start off by saying Danny Deardorff is one very, very, very talented individual – if you don’t believe me, check this out. Danny is as real as singers come, he doesn’t use some gimmick to sell his music or anything like that, his music comes from the heart for the listeners. This album is one of his greatest albums he has ever released!

The album opens with the song “Do You Want to Win” – which is a good song, and well delivered by Danny. The lyrics are pretty deep, and well, it’s amazing. Next up comes the song “Teach Me to Dance” – and another amazing song by Danny, and we’re only two songs in! The musicianship, the lyrics, the vocals – it is all amazing! Then is “I Want to Give You My Dreams” and Danny has this way to convey emotions, feelings and so much more that no other artist can do with their songs quite like Danny, it’s really beautiful. “Get Me on the Radio” is next, and it’s sort of a dance track (In my opinion, or atleast it makes me want to dance.) It’s sort of a pop/rock song, that gives you all sorts of examples of how music production and radio works. It’s quite an interesting listen! I can’t get over how great Danny is! The album closes with “The Spaceman Song (Songs from the Planet Earth)” which is a slower song, and a good way to end the A-Side of this amazing album. The song itself is so amazing, that words cannot even begin to describe it. I love Danny’s music so much, all of his albums are so wonderful.

The B-Side opens with the sweet “Chameleon” – which I am pretty sure Danny wrote about himself, as the song mentions him. It’s quite beautiful. (Danny, you’re amazing!) Up next is “Gypsy Wind” – which is an uptempo song, and it’s quite nice. Danny delivers the song pretty well, and he does amazing things with his mandolin on this track! Next up comes Danny’s amazing rendition of the track “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (I’m sure we all know this song.) which is what I posted in the introduction to this review. Danny delivers this song so amazingly, (as you could probably tell by the video.) not many people can deliver this song on the level that Danny can, and it’s so beautiful. The song is one of my personal favorite songs, and I just adore Danny’s version! Especially when he gets singing the chorus! Then comes “Don’t Bring Me Down (With Your Steel Guitar)” – and it comes off slightly country-ish, but that is not bad at all! I love country music, but Danny keeps his folk vibe on it, and it comes out to be another amazing track by the very talented Daniel Deardorff! The album closes with the track “The Songbird’s Promise” and it’s an absolutely beautifully delivered song and an amazing closing track for this album! I cannot stress this enough that how talented Danny is, it’s unbelievable!

Danny is still performing, and he is still amazing.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Do You Want to Win
A2 – Teach Me to Dance
A3 – I Want to Give You My Dreams
A4 – Get Me on the Radio
A5 – Songs from the Planet Earth / The Spaceman Song

B1 – Chameleon
B2 – Gypsy Wind
B3 – Somewhere Over the Rainbow
B4 – Don’t Bring Me Down (With Your Steel Guitar)
B5 – The Songbird’s Promise

Maiden Voyage Records

Catalog Number:
MVL 2019

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Arranged by Dennis Yadon, Gregg Mathieson & Louie Shelton
Flute, Piano & Background Vocals Arranged by Dennis Yadon
String Arrangement by David Campbell
Artwork Design & Art Direction – John Coulter, Road Runner, Kragen & Company
Bass – Andy Muson, David Batti, Dennis Belfield & Les Hurdle
Co-producer, Harmonica & Mandolin – Danny Deardorff
Drums – Carlos Vega & Jack Lacompt
Guitar – Jim Lum, Jim Poggensee & Louie Shelton
Keyboards – Bill Cuomo, Doug Livingston, Gregg Mathieson, Jim Thorburn & John Hobbs
Percussion – Paulinho DaCosta
Photography – Luis Lizarraga
Producer – Joe Bogan
Saxophone – Jerry Peterson
Sitar (Electric Sitar) – Steve Sykes
Steel Guitar – Jay Dee Maness
Background Vocals – Dash Crofts, Donnie Shelton, Harry Stinson, Jimmy Seals, Lana Bogan & Penny Nichols

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  • Judy says:

    Years ago, probably in the 80s, I fell in love with a song, “All In Love Is Fair” recorded by Danny Deardorff. I don’t know if that’s the title, but it’s part of the lyrics. Over the years that song has haunted me and I have yearned to hear it again. Now and then the melody will pop into my mind and I will try to remember it. Just now the melody popped into my mind/memory and it took me a while to identify it. I still yearn for it.

    Does anyone know how I can get a recording of that song by Danny. It has to be Danny.And it has to be that song.

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