The Mansion Heirs ‎– “Here We Are In The Presence Of Jesus”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 Among the many blessings given to the family of God must be counted by the inspirational songs of faith and love written by men and women who love the Lord.
 We, The Mansion Heirs, count it a blessing to have recorded this, our third album, for the honor and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.
 We are priveleged to have included on this album not only songs we love which were written by other people, but also songs that the Holy Spirit inspired us to write. “Thanks to Jesus” and our title song, “Here We Are in the Presence of Jesus”, were written by Tom Perry, “Oh, What a Love” by Paul Lombard and “With My Eyes Fixed on Jesus” by Grace Perry.
 Our prayer is that each song we sing will minister to your hear and bless your soul. May Jesus, our lord, Savior, Master and Friend, be as real to you as He is to us.
 We love you all.
 In His Name,

Personal Review:
 I don’t know, there is definitely something about the back cover that really draws me in, and I like it. I’m pretty sure it’s the layout of things, anyways.

 The album opens with the song “I Know a Man Who Can” – and it starts off with that slow piano playing before one of the ladies starts to sing, and she has a pretty good country gospel voice and then the guys come in to join in the singing and it’s all pretty nice. So yea, it’s a good song to start off the album. After that we go onto the song “Thanks to Jesus” and this one is sung by one of the men, and I’m liking the flow of these songs, they’re really good and this group is just really great at conveying their music.”With My Eyes Fixed on Jesus” comes next, and it’s sung by one of the ladies again, and these ladies and the guys are all just amazing singers and this album is really relaxing and calming, it’s good. I’m liking it. Definitely a really good album. “Oh, What a Love!” comes next, and I do wonder if it’s the same one from the Tammy Sue Bakker LP, I’d have to check, but I don’t know where it is, anyways, the musicianship is pretty good. It’s not the same song, but still good. The A-Side closes with “Home Where I Belong” and it’s a bit slow, but still well done. I’m liking everything here so far.

 The B-Side opens with an almost 7 minute medley titled “American Medley” and you know, I do know the song they are singing in this medley, but I can’t figure it out, so it’s disappointing, but their performance of it on this track is pretty great, so everything is good on this album so far. Oh! They’re singing ‘America the Beautiful‘ and I L-O-V-E that track, it’s AMAZING. So, thank God they’re performing it because it’s phenomenal. Yes, this medley is great. We then go onto one of the most questionable gospel tracks, “Oh Buddha” – which is basically a song that says the only God in Heaven is Jesus / the Christian God – which hey, if that’s your belief more power to you, I’m not gonna tread on others beliefs, but I think a song about it that is just so positive and upbeat is a little much in my opinion. All religions are good. This song however, is performed really nicely and the musicianship is really good. But I’m more about the vocals this group provides. The album continues on with the song “It Wouldn’t Be Enough” and the duet on this song is amazing, like this group is so perfect, the production team on this album, the songs they chose, I love this album completely. The album closes with the title track “Here We Are in the Presence of Jesus” – it starts off a bit slow, but it is relaxing and the vocals on this track are perfect, and this whole album is great. I’m loving all of it!

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – I Know a Man Who Can
A2 – Thanks to Jesus
A3 – With My Eyes Fixed on Jesus
A4 – Oh, What a Love!
A5 – Home Where I Belong

B1 – American Medley
B2 – Oh, Buddha
B3 – It Wouldn’t Be Enough
B4 – Here We Are in the Presence of Jesus

Standout Track:
It Wouldn’t Be Enough

Power Productions

Catalog Number:
MH 0881

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Vocals – Paul Lombard, Ruth Lombard, Grace Perry & Tom Perry
Lead Guitar – Joe Dutra
Bass Guitar & Special Effects – Tom Perry
Piano – Grace Perry
Percussion – Steve Almeida
Special Effects & Engineer – Bruce Caley
Photographer – Ren Norton
Cover Art – Marilyn E. French

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