Roosevelt Miller – “The Talking City”

I don’t think I’ve ever come across anyone in my life named Roosevelt, except for the Muppet, Roosevelt Franklin (Aside from Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt) I have come across a few Millers though. Today though, we have Roosevelt Miller of Cleveland, Tn. singing “The Talking City” – his fourth album, recorded in 1975 on Nice Productions, featuring songs composed by Rev. Ralph Moose and Anlue Little.

Naturally, we start with the title track, “The Talking City” which we got some nice relaxed guitar playing before Roosevelt begins to sing, and boy, does he have a distinct voice. It’s a slow song, but not all that awful. He’s got a powerful voice. Next comes “Welcome Home” which has some nice steel guitar in the opening, and Roosevelt sings. I definitely am enjoying the musicianship and compositions on this one. I’m hoping though, that this album does pick up a little. Oh, look it does! “Joy and Peace” comes next, and hey, it’s good! Roosevelt should be keeping this pace up through this album. That was good. We slow it back down though with “Someday He’ll Call Us Home” and Roosevelt continues to deliver with his great vocals, powerful tenor vocals. “Fifteen Years” like the David Bowie song, but multiplied by three. It’s more upbeat, and faster paced, a decent way to close the A-Side.

The B-Side starts with “Homebase” which has banjo in it! It seems to be more upbeat, and a bit less of a slower song. But, this album has been pretty decent so far. Good vocals, good musicianship and good compositions. Next comes “Since Jesus Saved My Soul” and it’s a good song, fast, upbeat and well done. The piano playing is on point too. I really gotta say that studio musicians at Central Sound Studios are pretty on point. Talented musicians. We slow it down with “They Stole the Old Cross” – and who would do such a thing? Sinners. That’s who. More could’ve been done with this one, but it’s still performed good. “Walking with Him” comes next, and oh boy, the banjo! It’s fast, upbeat, and a great performance, I can’t say it enough that Roosevelt has a good voice. Lastly, we close the album with “Nothing At All” and it’s a slow song, it kinda gives me Merrill Womach vibes, vocally. All in all, it’s a decent album, some slow parts, some great parts.

Catalog Number:

Composed by Rev. Ralph Moose & Anlue Little
Recorded in Central Sound Studios, Auburndale, Florida
Engineer – Len Walls
Artist & Repertoire – John Miller
Pianist – Mickey Merrit
Lead Guitar & Banjo – David Smith
Steel Guitar – Danny Jones
Rhythm – Carl Chambers
Bass Guitar – Gerald Chambers
Drums – Fred Ellis
Strings – Steve Ingram
Vocal Back-Ups – Ernie Williams, Cheryl Ingram & Daphanie Swilling
Front Cover taken in Cypress Garden, Fla.
Photographer – Monty Monts de Oca

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