Gary (Dee) Bradford – “Seeds of Perfection”

So, everyone knows that I’m a huge Gary Bradford fan and for a long time he and I had communicated back and forth for years through email and Skype, I considered Gary one of my friends for a number of years, and like most people, I was saddened by his sudden passing. I’ve always had this idea since his passing to compile several of his recordings for new generations of music fans to be able to get into and listen to his albums, so I check frequently for his stuff all over. During my searches I came across this album, Gary had only ever told me about it by name, but never had actually shown me nor have I heard it, but a friend of mine on Instagram had this one listed on eBay – so naturally, I just had to buy it. This album was released in 1983 on the Heart Song label somewhere after “I Am Loved” and around “I’m Not Handicapped… Just Inconvenienced” – but before “The Composer“.

The album opens with the song “Send a Revival Lord” – now Gary’s earlier albums were really more Southern Gospel sounding, this album, well this song so far is a very pop sounding album, of course, because it’s Gary you know it is still amazing Gospel music, and there is even some pretty great electric guitar in this one. We go onto a slower song titled “He Still Believes in Me” and Gary goes into this song beautifully, Gary had such a powerful voice from his first album all the way to his latest album. That was an emotional ballad type song, but now we go onto the track “I’m Fixed on a Miracle” and Gary goes back into that pop sounding gospel, and he delivers a wonderful Gospel track on this one too. We slow back down with the song “He Alone” – and it too, comes off like a very powerful ballad type Gospel song, I cannot say this enough that Gary just has one of those unique, one of a kind, powerhouse voices that needs to be heard at least once. The A-Side closes out with the song “A Brand New Man” and I just know Gary is going to deliver a fantastic song to close out the A-Side, the musicianship on this album is also incredible, we’ve got so many different instruments being played to accompany Gary on this album. Fantastic.

The B-Side opens with the song “I Am the Way” which goes back to that pop / CCM vibe, and Gary continues to deliver amazing song one after another, and when he hits the chorus on this one, he just blows me away with his vocal range. “We Are Fitted Together” comes next, and Gary dials it back to a slower song, but he keeps delivering those powerful vocals. I will say, I do very much enjoy Gary delivering those more pop sounding tracks, and his classic Southern Gospel style, these slower CCM style tracks aren’t really my thing generally, but I am glad that Gary does do some amazing vocals on this one. Next up, we go back to that upbeat pop sound, at least musically – so far – with the song “I’d Rather Have Jesus” and I’m 1000% that I’ve heard someone else do this song, but I just can’t quite place who I’ve heard do this song. Gary just hit one of the highest high notes I’ve ever heard – twice – he hit it twice in a row. “I Call Him Lord” comes next, and we continue with that slow vibe for these songs, I just have a feeling that the album is going to end with one of those great pop vocals he does. He does pick it up a little bit nearer to the end of the song, in the end, another great song. “A Vessel of Honor” closes out the album – and I do wish that he closed out this album with a more upbeat pop song, but in the end he did make another amazing album for the Lord and I am glad to have finally heard it. So, thank you Gary.

Catalog Number:
HSR 1005

Piano – Dave Huntsinger
Electric Guitar – Bruce Dees
Drums – Gene Chrisman
Acoustic Guitar – Mark Casstevens
Bass – Craig Nelson
Producer – Nick Bruno
Recorded at Reflection Recording Studio, Nashville, TN.
Engineer – Mark Moseley
Photography – Dill Beatty
Album Design – Eddie Coutras

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