Bay City Rollers – “Bay City Rollers”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 Before we get into this review, I want to start by saying – without this album, my life would be incomplete.

 So, the album opens with the classic track “Give A Little Love” – which is kind of like a 70’s slow dance song I’m guessing. I don’t know really, all I know is all Bay City Roller songs are sing-a-long songs for me. I love the Bay City Rollers. It’s followed by the track “Bye Bye Baby” – and I find the hardest thing to do is review big name bands, and dance pop songs. The song is good though, definitely dancing music. It’s then followed by “Shang-A-Lang” – which has some pretty wicked drumming on it. It’s pretty good, “We sang shang-a-lang, and we ran with a gang” – yup, that’s pretty hardcore life right there. Then comes one of my favorite Roller tracks, “Marlina” – “and I say ooh, Marlina! Who you gonna be today?” – I kind of absolutely adore this song (I definitely want it to be my wedding song.) It’s basically one of the greatest songs on this whole album. Then comes to more rock/pop song “Let’s Go (A Huggin’ and A Kissin’ in the Moonlight)” – and hey! It’s not so bad, I quite enjoy it. So, I basically just love the Bay City Rollers. Anyways, the A-Side closes with the song “Be My Baby” – and, though, nothing can beat the original. I love this version too, because the Bay City Rollers are pretty cool.

 The B-Side immediately leaps into the track “Summer Love Sensation” – and it’s basically a romancey type pop track, and it’s so amazing. I love it too. I do love how the back cover tells you everyone’s roles, and Derek the drummer, (personal fave.) is listed as spoken voice, so when the song dies down and someone says “Baby, I love you” – it’s Derek. Then comes the song “Remember (Sha La La La)” back in the 70’s, you could basically replace all the words of your song with “LA LA LA” and it worked, so well. Then comes the song everybody knows and loves the Bay City Rollers for, “Saturday Night” – and let me say this right, I remember being 5 years old and having my mom teach me all the dance moves to this song, and teaching me all about the Bay City Rollers and absolutely loving them. Seems like so long ago. Anyways. The song is their BEST track they’ve ever done. I can’t honestly think of any complaints about this album, it’s honestly one of the best albums. Then comes the track “My Teenage Heart” – it’s another one of those romancey pop tracks again, it’s not bad at all! Not a favorite of mine, but still performed very well. Then comes another personal favorite of mine, and a great way to close the album. “Keep On Dancing” – which has so many drum solos, and feels like a 50’s rock song, and it’s just so amazing.

 On a closing note, apparently Leslie McKeown is kind of an asshole. My mom met him after a reunion concert. We have pics somewhere.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Give A Little Love
A2 – Bye Bye Baby
A3 – Shang-A-Lang
A4 – Marlina
A5 – Let’s Go (A Huggin’ and a Kissin’ in the Moonlight)
A6 – Be My Baby

B1 – Summer Love Sensation
B2 – Remember (Sha La La La)
B3 – Saturday Night
B4 – My Teenage Heart
B5 – Keep On Dancing

Arista Records

Catalog Number:
AL 4049

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Lead & Harmony Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitar – Leslie McKeown
Lead & Harmony Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin & Violin – Eric Faulkner
Lead & Harmony Vocals, Electric, Acoustic & Bass Guitar & Piano – Stuart Wood
Lead & Harmony Vocals, Bass Guitar, Piano & Accordian – Alan Longmuir
Drums, Tubular Bells, Tambourine, Sleigh Bells, Castanets & Spoken Voice – Derek Longmuir
Produced by Phil Wainman, Bill Martin & Phil Coulter
Musical Director – Colin Fretcher
Cover Art – Patti Harvey
Arranged by Phil Coulter
Photography – David Golumb
Design & Art Direction – Bob Heimall

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