Christian Death – “Only A Theatre of Pain”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
So, this is like one of my all time favorite records – I absolutely love Christian Death – as well as Rozz Williams and Rikk Agnew. So, this is the best.

The A-Side opens with the song “Cavity – First Communion” – which starts with some church bells ringing, you know that is gonna make for an eerie track! Then comes the guitar playing, and Rozz’s amazing vocals. It starts off slightly slow, but then it begins to pick up a bit, and the song makes for an amazing opening track! The song ends with Rozz singing “Blood… Blood…” over and over. Then comes “Figurative Theatre” – which is a personal favorite of mine, which features so many good things, like the musicianship and the chorus. Especially the chorus. The chorus rocks. It is then followed by “Burnt Offerings” – which is like super heavy duty goth rock, but it’s so damn amazing. It’s dark and enjoyable, I’m one of those people who either likes one extreme or the other. Also, lots of sodomy references in this song. After that comes “Mysterium Iniquitatis” which features a lot of words sung backwards, the word “DOG” said a few times, before Rozz goes into the chorus which is “It’s only a theatre of pain!” – repeated. Then after that, it goes into this really fast part and yea, amazing. The A-Side ends with “Dream for Mother” – which has an opening a lot like a Joy Division song, and it’s pretty cool! The song is another really dark song, that goes on to make necrophiliac references.

The B-Side opens with “Stairs – Certain Journey” – it’s a slower song, but still pretty good. It’s short too, but the musicianship and vocals are pretty good, so it makes for a pretty good opening track on the B-Side. It’s followed by another one of my favorite Christian Death songs, “Spiritual Cramp” – which, lyrically, vocal and music wise is just an all out amazing track. I can literally quote every word in this song as an amazing part, but I’m gonna just post this one line “Describe the illness, I’ll prescribe the cure” – oh and then Rozz basically howling beast at the end of the song. Then comes ANOTHER favorite Christian Death song of mine, “Romeo’s Distress” – which just has the best opening guitar solo ever. Then Rozz kicks into the singing, and it is so powerful, and the lyrics are beyond deep. Then the church bells come in, and Rozz just belts out “Pull down the sheets, take off your clothes, get out of bed, I’m so tired!” and then the song is over. Christian Death is absolutely amazing, when they had Rozz and Rikk – Anyways, after that comes “Resurrection – Sixth Communion” – which is a slower song, but Rozz is just so talented so it doesn’t even matter. I definitely love how Rozz shouts “Resurrection” – worth listening. The album ends with “Prayer” which is sort of just various ambient noises and jam session. Very nice way to end an amazing album.

Unfortunately for us, Rozz and Rikk’s days in Christian Death were short lived, and only a handful of songs feature both of them.

Interesting Facts:
It’s on purple vinyl!

Track Listing:
A1 – Cavity – First Communion
A2 – Figurative Theatre
A3 – Burnt Offerings
A4 – Mysterium Iniquitatis
A5 – Dream for Mother

B1 – Stairs – Uncertain Journey
B2 – Spiritual Cramp
B3 – Romeo’s Distress
B4 – Resurrection – Sixth Communion
B5 – Prayer

Frontier Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Vocals, Cover Art & Drawings – Rozz Williams
Bass – James McGearty
Guitar – Rikk Agnew
Drums – George Belanger
Produced by Thom Wilson & Christian Death
Digital Remastering – Paul Dugre
Additional Embalming – D.Z.
Backing Vocals – Eva & Ron
Special Thanks to Ed Colver, 45 Grave, Todd, Frank Agnew, and Everyone Else to Whom We Should Give Thanks.

Other Albums I Own by Christian Death:
Cavity – First Communion / The Lord’s Prayer
“The Wind Kissed Pictures”


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