Donovan – “Donovan’s Greatest Hits”

The Sleeve:
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The Gatefold:

The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
So, this is like 60’s psychedelic folk. Donovan’s greatest hits.
The A-Side opens with the track “Epistle to Dippy” – which is a pretty good track, the musicianship is pretty good and it’s not really an album I could complain about, Donovan is pretty good. Next up comes the slower “Sunshine Superman” which is a pretty good track, Donovan seems to do this shaky thing with his voice which is pretty cool. Then comes “There is a Mountain” which has a pretty neat beat opening, and it’s basically Donovan singing and some kick ass bongo drums, the album so far is pretty good. Hey, there is even flutes in this song! Then comes “Jennifer Juniper” – which is a slower song, but it’s alright. I’m okay with this album! Then comes “Wear You Love Like Heaven” which is a pretty good psychedelic song, I’m actually quite enjoying it. Donovan is pretty good, I definitely enjoy his singing. The A-side ends with the track “Season of the Witch” (I’m pretty sure I’ve heard another artist cover this song. Not quite sure.) anyways, this is a pretty good way to end the album, Donovan delivers the song beautifully, and the musicianship is pretty great. No complaints this far into the album!

The B-Side opens with ever popular and super well known, “Mellow Yellow” – which is quite an amazing track, simply for the musicianship, lyrics and delivery of the track itself. I still know people to this day who refer to themselves as being “Mellow Yellow” (I’m also sure that Mountain Dew, or some soda company had a drink called Mellow Yellow.) Oh, the trumpets in the track are amazing. Next up comes the track “Colours” – which is a slower, more folky sounding song, but it’s pretty cool. I like it a lot, it kind of has that Simon and Garfunkel style to it. I’m definitely enjoying the B-Side more than I enjoyed the A-Side. It seems to have a better selection of tracks. But ultimately, “Colours” is definitely one of the best songs on this album. Next up comes “Hurdy Gurdy Man” – which is just amazing, the guitar playing itself is pretty amazing, it has that psychedelic sound to it, there is even a sitar! Donovan is pretty good, but I still stick with that I prefer this side over the A-Side. (Which is rare for me.) “Catch the Wind” comes next, and it seems to have that Simon & Garfunkel folk sound to it, and it’s pretty nice. It’s a slower, more relaxing song, but there is no complaints here. I applaud Donovan for this amazing B-Side. The B-Side closes with the track “Lalena” (which I do prefer Chris, Chris & Lee‘s version.) it’s slow, has all sorts of instruments and is a pretty positive way to end the album.

Interesting Facts:
None, but the Gatefold does include a bunch of pictures of Donovan.

Track Listing:
A1 – Epistle to Dippy
A2 – Sunshine Superman
A3 – There is a Mountain
A4 – Jennifer Juniper
A5 – Wear Your Love Like Heaven
A6 – Season of the Witch

B1 – Mellow Yellow
B2 – Colours
B3 – Hurdy Gurdy Man
B4 – Catch the Wind
B5 – Lalena


Catalog Number:
BXN 26439

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Produced by Mickie Most

Other Albums I Own by Donovan:


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