John Lennon – “Plastic Ono Band”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 Once more I’ve returned to review John Lennon, it’s been one whole year since reviewing “Imagine” and I do hope for more positive results with this album, as it does featured the amazing “Working Class Hero” – but that is about the only track that I know of on this album. Anyways.

 So, the album opens with the song “Mother” which starts off with the creepy church bell things before John begins to sing, and hey, you know this song isn’t that bad! Of course, it was recorded a year before “Imagine” was, so maybe by ’71 Lennon stopped caring or Yoko Ono took over his career. Whatever the case may be, I do like this song. Hell, even the musicianship is good on this track. Drums are amazing, but that’s because they are Ringo Starr. After that comes the track “Hold On” and you know it has that original Beatles vibe to it, it’s a short lived track. Then comes “I Found Out” which has that rock sound to it, and some pretty weird guitar playing, but it quickly picks up and you know, it’s not that bad. It’s definitely like a neat little jam session. After that comes one of John Lennon’s best songs, “Working Class Hero” and it’s one of the deepest, and most thought provoking tracks I’ve ever heard, and hey, there is even some swearing in it. It’s actually really good on it’s musicianship also. “Isolation” ends the A-Side, and so far, not many of the songs have really got me mad or have got me to the point where I see them as an annoyance. This album is definitely a lot better than “Imagine“. This track is a slower, piano track and it’s pretty good. Though this thing with songs just coming to an abrupt end has to stop.

 Remember” opens the B-Side, and the musicianship is pretty good on this one. It’s a decent opening track, and you know, I’m not really opposed to this album as it has proven to be a rather decent track so far. Why the random explosion? “Love” comes next, and it’s a quieter, slower song, soft piano playing… and the vocals are pretty good, it’s actually a really good song. I’m quite shocked with how good this album is compared to the last one that I had reviewed. “Well Well Well” comes next, and that opening guitar riff is loud and annoying, but then the drums come in and save the day, but then the vocals that go with that guitar playing is like, why? Lots of screaming. Who thought it would be a good idea for John Lennon to scream ‘well’ over and over again. Yoko Ono. Honestly, the album was going so good until this song came along. The only good thing about it is Ringo’s drums. “Look at Me” follows next and it brings it back to the more calmer side of Lennon before Yoko made him all crazy and stuff. Then comes “God” (hehehe) and basically, it’s a song where John openly sings about his disbelief of God, and lots of other things (magic, Hitler, Kennedy, yoga, Elvis, Beatles and reality.) it’s actually not a overly horrible track, basically it’s John singing about how he only believes in himself. Which is good, ’cause you should always believe in yourself. The album ends with “My Mummy’s Dead” which sounds like it was recorded on a tape recorder, and it’s just John and an acoustic guitar.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Mother
A2 – Hold On
A3 – I Found Out
A4 – Working Class Hero
A5 – Isolation

B1 – Remember
B2 – Love
B3 – Well Well Well
B4 – Look at Me
B5 – God
B6 – My Mummy’s Dead

Capitol Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Bass – Klaus Voormann
Sleeve Design – John & Yoko
Drums – Ringo Starr
Engineers – Andy Stevens, Eddie Veal, John Lickie, Phil MacDonald & Richard Lush
Guitar, Piano & Vocals – John Lennon
Tea And Sympathy – Mal Evans
Wind – Yoko Ono
Cover Photography – Dan Richter
Producers – John & Yoko & Phil Spector
Written By John Lennon

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