Ken & Sandi – “Ken & Sandi”

Another feature from the deep past of my record collection, this one too, has been sitting in my collection for well over eight years – I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to it before, but it is my first time writing about it. So, from Tyler, Texas on the Delta Records label, I have Ken & Sandi with their self-titled 1983 album.

The album opens with the song “Gonna Love You Anyway” which is sung with Sandi leading the song before Ken joins in, and you know, they’re not bad thus far, it’s a little catchy, no real earworm, but still not bad. We go on with the slower, “Nobody Wants to Fall in Love Anymore” and not really my jive, but hey, they can sing good and the music is alright. You know, judging by that catalog number I think this album might’ve been recorded August 22, 1983… “Rock & Roll Boy Gone Country” comes next and it seems to be a song about ditching the rockstar life for a simpler country life, the song starts slow, but it does have a good chorus, and it’s sung by Ken. Not too bad. Sandi comes next with the song “The Guilty in Me” it turns into a duet with Ken, and it’s a bit better, I does have some religious undertones, but not completely Gospel-like, the chorus part is pretty good. The A-Side closes with the song “Hide and Go Love” which is a song about adultery! Nice. It’s sung nicely, maybe an earworm, but not for me. Incidentally, it’s written by the Keyboardist.

The B-Side opens with “One Man Woman” – not a bad way to open the B-Side, a nice duet… with undertones of adultery. Good song though. Okay, so “Sooner or Later” (Not the Grass Roots song) comes next, and it’s not bad, the song is a little catchy? “Love’s Out of Hand” comes next, and Sandi does have a nice voice, I am just having a hard time getting through this one, it just kind of feels like one of those country love songs that’s just kinda like there. Nothing against it, just not my jam. “You Bring Out the Best in Me” comes next, and much like the previous track, it’s just not my type of sound. The chorus ain’t all that bad. The album closes with the song “That’s the Way Love Is” – and I think it’s a song about a single mother… or a family, not quite sure. So, in conclusion Ken Isham and Sandi Sears both have great singing voices, and they do make nice music together.

Catalog Number:

Keyboards – Robin Hood Brians & Tim Gillespie
Guitars – Ken Isham, Ronnie Weiss & Brady Mosher
Steel Guitar – Larry White & Corky Owens
Bass – Bob Gentry & Brian Kovach
Drums – Brad Smith & Rusty Honeycutt
Sax – Rene Saenz
Background Vocals – Sandi Sears & the Cruzettes
Mixed at Rosewood Studios
Engineer – Greg Hunt
Photography – Eddie Hinds
Hair – Tom (Wildfire) Dodd

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