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The Open Door – “An Invitation”

The Open Door – “An Invitation”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  “It is always great fun to open the mail and discover that you have been invited to something special; a birthday party, a wedding, an anniversary party, or other occasion. An invitation of even greater significance can be found by merely opening the Bible – the invitation is from God... Read More »

The Atonement Quartet & “Big Lew” Garrison ‎– “The Atonement Quartet Featuring “Big Lew” Garrison”

The Atonement Quartet & “Big Lew” Garrison ‎– “The Atonement Quartet Featuring “Big Lew” Garrison”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: None. Personal Review:  I think it might be safe to say that Big Lew is the big on the far left.  The album opens with the track “The Eastern Gate” – and well, it’s all very vocal… the piano playing is a bit too upbeat, but the vocal dynamic of... Read More »

The Mansion Heirs ‎– “Here We Are In The Presence Of Jesus”

The Mansion Heirs ‎– “Here We Are In The Presence Of Jesus”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  “Among the many blessings given to the family of God must be counted by the inspirational songs of faith and love written by men and women who love the Lord.  We, The Mansion Heirs, count it a blessing to have recorded this, our third album, for the honor and glory... Read More »

March For Christ ‎– “Come On and Pray”

March For Christ ‎– “Come On and Pray”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  “March For Christ evolved out of the need of three young Christians to praise the Lord, in a very cloistered surrounding of a state run school. They have overcome many adversities in their efforts to share what being a Christian means to them and how it affects their lives. Despite... Read More »

Scott Mitchell – “He Knows What’s Best for Me”

Scott Mitchell – “He Knows What’s Best for Me”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  “I stepped into the word of deep suffering two and a half years ago. The chosen victim of a tragic fall which left me paralyzed, I was left groping for someone to whom I could cling during my hour of desperation. I found the Best Friend a lonely heard could... Read More »

Terri Gibbs – “Comfort the People”

Terri Gibbs – “Comfort the People”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  “My heartfelt gratitude to the following people:  All the people at Word Records, for letting me do thing I enjoy most, singing for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Gary McSpadden and Bergen White, for all the hard work and dedication and the good times that went into making this... Read More »

The Lyttletones – “Sincerely Yours”

The Lyttletones – “Sincerely Yours”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  “Gospel song is a unique in the world of music, because of its success is not guaranteed by musical ability or accomplishment. A distinctively supernatural dimension evidences itself as the Holy Spirit is permitted to anoint singer and song. Herein lies the ministry of Gospel Music. The Apostle Paul expressed... Read More »

Singing Edwards – “One Day at a Time”

Singing Edwards – “One Day at a Time”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  “Variety in Gospel music is one of the aims of the Singing Edwards Family as we sing old and new, fast and slow including Country Gospel, Southern Gospel and Folk Gospel. This album is typical of our style in singing engagements which have taken us across Canada in the summer... Read More »

Glenda Lee (Day) & Richard Miller – “Special: Dixie Echoes (’66)”

Glenda Lee (Day) & Richard Miller – “Special: Dixie Echoes (’66)”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  “In every generation there is atleast one who is destined to be a top entertainer who will thrill the hearts of thousands. I believe this one to be Glenda Lee Day. So confident am I of her talent, personality, and testimony, that I have signed her to a life-time contract... Read More »

The Laughlin Family – “Here’s a Song for the Man”

The Laughlin Family – “Here’s a Song for the Man”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  “Because of the end-time turmoil, the Dave E. Laughlin Family have chosen as their title song, “HERE’S A SONG FOR THE MAN WHO WALKED THE WATERS AND CALMED THE SEA.” Matthew 8:26 says, “… THEN HE AROSE, AND REBUKED THE WINDS AND THE SEA; AND THERE WAS A GREAT CALM.”... Read More »

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