Paul Henry Dallaire ‎– “Princess Maggie Of The North / Goin Back To Moosonee”

The Sleeve:

The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 This one comes from Paul Henry Dallaire of Timmins, a local(ish) musician and former funeral director.
 The A-Side is “Princess Maggie of the North” and it opens a bit weird with some light drumming and some inaudible spoken word part, Paul Henry begins to sing as the music begins and his singing is rather good, a bit reminiscent of Johnny Cash, but then it goes back into that inaudible spoken word part, and it’s a little odd, but then Paul Henry goes back to singing, and the song is really good, except those inaudible spoken word parts done over harmonica now, and I really don’t know what he is saying. It’s as if two people are going on this one, Paul Henry’s vocals fade in and out over this spoken word part, and every time it gets back to Paul Henry is great. This is a fine example of good quality Canadian country music.

 The B-Side opens with “Goin Back to Moosonee” and at first it has a bit of dead air, which makes me think it might include that spoken word part, but nope, it goes into some real good country music, it’s upbeat and Paul Henry delivers this song amazingly. I really want to get more of his records, this is really good music. I can’t complain when listening to this music, it’s really good. The guitar playing on this song is fantastic too. Then Paul Henry is joined by a female vocalist who sings on the chorus, and she’s pretty good, and Paul Henry keeps delivering on his fantastic music and it’s outstanding, this music is great. The B-Side is definitely my favorite of the two tracks on this 45.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A – Princess Maggie of the North

B – Goin Back to Monsonee

James Bay Records

Catalog Number:
RMSC 747004

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Sound Production – Bob Lierschaft & Jack Larabee

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  • paul henry dallaire says:

    This is Cree Indian language repeating what I say.
    Xavier Sutherland was the transalator.

    It was recorded live at Therialut High School on stage.

  • Tate says:

    Thank you Paul for the clarification on the spoken word parts, and the bits of information. It’s not always easy to get all the info on the records, and sometimes the records aren’t exactly the cleanest copies. Would you happen to have anymore of your records?

  • paul henry dallaire says:

    Yes I do, if you check my facebook page you can hear some of my latest stuff such as don’t sleep at the Palestine Hotel/Anti war song and others
    I’m working on new Album now

  • Yes I have a few 45’s and some albums of the passive Canadian left

  • Tate says:

    Are you willing to sell (or pass on) any of the 45’s / LPs you may still have?

  • Maybe. I have about a dozen Passive Canadian albums for any collector and only a few 45’s and one King of the Ottawa city cowboys

  • Ginette Laflamme says:

    I do have a 45 rpm record by PAUL HENRY and the NORTH COUNTY BOYS SINGS Side 1 GOING BACK TO MOOSONEE (on the banks of ole james bay) Side 2 EVELYNA any information you can give me about this record I would very much appreciate and the value of it thank you so much

  • Hi Ginette.
    The copy you have was probably recorded live at the Theriault High School in Timmins.

    If there’s a jumble of words you can’t understand it’s because Xavier Sutherland was translating in Cree what I was saying in English so it makes it quite unique in that sense I’d say.
    He died in a plane crash a few years later.
    Any other question ?

    I’m at

  • Hi Ginett

    Ginette I just noticed you have an original copy of “Goin back to Moosonee” and Evelyna

    I would need a track of both side of that 45 as I have not one copy for myself’
    Is there any way you can upload the 2 songs and send the songs on to my e-mail so I can can put them on youtube?
    I really would appreciate it. If you can’t do that maybe you’d send me the 45 so I can do it and I’d send it back to you.

    I’m at

  • Ginette Laflamme says:

    You don’t have to worry I am giving you the record if you want it then you will be able to do your work withough worrying about a thing Just let me know how you would like to get it

  • Ginette is the song Evelyna on the record?
    If it is it’s the one I want not Princess Maggie of the North.
    I’m at:
    Paul Henry Dallaire
    210 Spruce Street South #301
    Timmins, Ontario.
    P4N 2M5

  • Ginette Laflamme says:

    yes it is on side 2 of the record
    I will bring it to you or you can come and pick it up I am not far from where you live
    small house behind 144 Fifth ave

    146 Fifth Ave
    Timmins Ontario
    P4N 5K9

  • Ginette delivered the 45’s in person as I am so thankful for. I’uploaded it on you tube “Goin back to Moosonee”
    Thanks again Ginette.
    As a bonus she also gave me an original Tom Conners “Movin on to Rouyn” flip side “Carolyn Never been played in mint condition.
    These were Tom and I’s first recording. He recorded at CKGB Radio and I recorded at CFCL Television.

  • Ginette Laflamme says:

    I am so satisfied I made someone very happy and I sure hope other enjoy that country music as much as you Paul Henry

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