Pee-Wee Herman / Surf Punks – “Surfin’ Bird / My Beach”

 Unfortunately, on July 30th the world lost an absolute icon. Paul Reubens, who was widely known as “Pee-Wee Herman” passed away after a brave, six year battle with cancer. Naturally, he’ll be remembered as Pee-Wee, but he was so much more than just one character, he was a talented actor who featured in such movies like The Blues Brothers, Cheech and Chong’s Nice Dreams, Batman Returns, Matilda, Mystery Men, Blow and so much more. Let’s also not forget his appearances in the WWE. Now, sometime back in 1987 someone decided that Frankie and Annette go Back to the Beach – and in that movie, Paul, as Pee-Wee Herman makes an appearance and sings Surfin’ Bird.

Now, I’m a big Paul Reubens fan but I’m not a big fan of the song “Surfin’ Bird” as a whole, I find it absolutely annoying and I mean Paul goes all in with his usual wacky, over the top humor with this one and with the typical Pee-Wee fashion he delivers a wonderfully, obnoxious version of an already obnoxious song. Though, it is Paul Reubens being a character he that he loves and who has brought laughter and happiness to a lot of people, so I guess that’s good. You can watch a really low quality version of it here.

The B-Side is the Surf Punks with their song “My Beach” which is also famously featured in the film “Urgh! A Music War” and it is a good punk song, and it’s a fun one too with a great bassline, and some decent vocals. All in all, not a bad single.

Rest easy Paul, thank you for all the great memories. Especially this one. This lives rent-free in my head.

Catalog Number:

Produced by Gary Usher
Additional Recording by David Kahne

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