Putter Smith – “Movement 1”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
El apellido Smith no es nuevo entre los contrabajistas de Jazz. Facil es recordar el nombre de Carson Smith, soporte del primer cuarteto de Gerry Mulligan, que completaban Chet Baker y Chico Hamilton.
 Patrick “Putter” Smith, nacido en la ciudad de Los Angeles en 1941, es el hermano menor de Carson.
 Putter Smith, que se desenvuelve sobre todo en Los Angeles y zona de influencia colaboro, entre ortros, con Thelonious Monk, en un cuarteto donde tambien estaba el saxofonista Paul Jeffrey y con el que realizo algunas giras por la Costa Oeste a finales de los anos 60.
 En el ano en que se ralizó esta grabacion, Putter Smith trabajaba intensamente en la ciudad de Los Angeles, tocando, componiendo y ensenando de la escuela-estudio que Gary Foster habia montado en Pasenda.
 Putter Smith tiene especial predi-leccion en la combinacion instrumental contabajo-saxo en temas breves de estructura libre.
En este disco hay cuatro buenos ejemplos de ello: en “American Dance” y “Kansas”, con Gary Foster en el alto; en “Mood Report”, con John Gross en el tenor; y un “Ugly Beauty”; con Foster y Gross en saxos alto y tenor respectivamente.
 El pianista-compositor Kent Glenn aporta cuatro temas propios a este disco: “Movement 1”, “Isa”, “Leaving” y “Lost & Found”, Otra version de este ultimo tema fue editada en esta misma coleccion por un cuarteto formado por John Gross, lider y saxo tenor; Kent Glenn, piano; Frank de la Rosa, contrabajo y John Tirabasso, bateria (1).
Hay tambien una version de un gran tema del pianista Bill Evans, “Very Early”, en compas de 3/4 con solos de Foster, Schreve, Smith y Gross.

(English translation via Google translate)
The surname Smith is not new among jazz bassists. Easy is to remember the name of Carson Smith, holder of the first quartet Gerry Mulligan, Chet Baker who completed and Chico Hamilton.
 Patrick “Putter” Smith, born in the city of Los Angeles in 1941, is the younger brother of Carson.
 Putter Smith, which operates primarily in Los Angeles and surrounding areas collaborate among Ortros with Thelonious Monk, a quartet that was also saxophonist Paul Jeffrey and I perform with some tours of the West Coast in the late years 60.
 In the year that this recording was ralizó, Putter Smith worked hard in the city of Los Angeles, performing, composing and teaching school-studio Gary Foster had mounted Pasenda.
 Putter Smith has special predi-lesson in contabajo-sax instrumental combination of brief themes free structure.
On this album there are four good examples of this: in “American Dance” and “Kansas” with Gary Foster at the highest; in “Mood Report” with John Gross on tenor; and “Ugly Beauty”; with Foster and Gross on alto and tenor respectively.
 It pianist-composer Glenn Kent brings four original songs on this album: “Movement 1”, “Isa”, “Leaving” and “Lost & Found” Otra version of the latter topic fue same one published in this collection by a quartet consisting of John Gross, leader and tenor sax; Glenn Kent, piano; Frank de la Rosa, and John Tirabasso bass, drums (1).
 Hay also one version of a great theme it pianist Bill Evans, “Very Early” in Compass 4.3 with solos Foster, Schreve, Smith and Gross.

Personal Review:
 So, I know who Putter Smith from the James Bond movie “Diamonds Are Forever” awhile ago I began researching actors I knew from my childhood to see if they were in any new movies, and lo and behold I found out Putter Smith who played Mr. Kidd was actually a jazz musician! So, here we go!

 The album opens with “Movement 1” the title track of the album – and well, I didn’t know Jazz like this was what elevator music is, there is definitely some clarinet in this song, I can tell that much. It’s a relaxing track to say the least, you know the kind you hear in jazz clubs. Then comes “American Dance” which is a quick little 55 second track, with some really loud saxophone playing. The bass playing is nice though, that’s all Putter. Then comes the track “P.C.” which has a really sweet jazz drum solo in it, and that’s what I came here for, jazz and bass solos. Needless to say, I’m really enjoying this track, and I’m not a huge jazz music fan. But this song is pretty great. I believe that may have been a baritone sax solo? Not sure, all I know is I used to play one. Then comes the track “Isa” and it’s a softer, slower track, but still very nice, and I’m really enjoying this record. Lots of saxophone playing, and I love saxophones. They even have a bass solo. Putter on the bass, it’s great. The A-Side closes with Thelonius Monk’s “Ugly Beauty” and it’s a slow song, but the musicianship is great, and the song is a good way to exit the A-Side, no complaints here so far. Everything is good.

 The B-Side opens with “Leaving” and it’s not a bad track to start the album with, the title is just a little inconvenient, it should be an ending track in my opinion due to the title. It’s a little long. Then comes “Mood Report” which was written by Putter Smith, and it seems the Putter written songs are louder than the others, volume wise, like the mastering is slightly off on the record, I don’t know for sure though. It’s a good song though, the whole album is really relaxing and calming, I love it. Then comes the song “Lost & Found” – it’s a quiet song, and the musicianship is good, it’s just very slow and quiet. It’s also quite a long song. It’s not overly bad. Then comes “Very Early” and it’s an alright song, pretty cool and relaxing, it almost just blows right on by you… anyways, the album ends with the song “Kansas” which has to be the slowest song on this whole album. Like, it is only a 3 minute song, but I feel like it’s been 10. Anyways, all in all it’s a good album.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Movement 1
A2 – American Dance
A3 – P.C.
A4 – Isa
A5 – Ugly Beauty

B1 – Leaving
B2 – Mood Report
B3 – Lost & Found
B4 – Very Early
B5 – Kanas


Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Soprano Saxophone – Gary Foster & John Gross
Piano – Kent Glenn & Dick Shreve
Bass – Putter Smith
Drums – Gene Stone & John Tirabasso
Alto Saxophone – Gary Foster
Tenor Saxophone – John Gross
Coordination & Liner Notes – Nahuel Cerrutti
Original Recording – Vee Jay Int’l (USA)
Studio – Sage & Sound
Sound – James Mooney
Mixing – Baker Bixby
Recording Date – 1977
Graphics – Rulo Montero
Photography – Roldan, Madrid
Printed by Moviegraf, Madrid
Published & Distributed by Dial Discos, S.A.

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  • Hello, thank you for your wonderful review which I forwarded to my father Putter Smith. He would like to send you his current CDs and extend his thanks as well.

    If you let me know where to send the CDs Or give me an email address my father would like to communicate with you and send them to you thank you again!

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