Rudy Ray Moore – “Close Encounter of the Sex Kind”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
Dr. Rudy Ray Moore! Funky shit.
Close Encounter of the Sex Kind, this message is about how to fuck. Take it in girls, because after this message, this record may self destruct” – oh my God. This stuff. I can’t keep up with how many times he has said “pussy” and “fuck” (and all it’s vernaculars) in like 3 minutes. He has repeated the same line “Your pussy should be so hot that it’ll make a motherfuckers asshole burn!” twice now. Oh my lord! “MAKE HIM FEEL LIKE HE HAS BEEN STRUCK BY LIGHTENING!” – haha. “GOOD PUSSY IS SOMETHING ALL MEN LIKE!” (not me.) Oh my gosh. He is describing sex. This is so insane. Wow. This is off the wall. “Turn On Your Man” is next. Well, “pussy poison that motherfucker” “make that motherfucker buckle to his knees!” oh my god. I just can’t. I’m usually not one for stand up comedy, but this is hilarious! “be a lady in the living room, and a bitch in the kitchen, and a real ho in the bedroom!” Wait. “Keep your man well fucked“. “Ain’t no man gonna leave a t-bone steak to go to Burger King to have a Whopper… EVEN IF YOU CAN HAVE IT YOUR WAY!” – that line, that is what I’m going to live by for the rest of my life. “Rise up off that dick!” I’m really not sure how to take this LP… Rudy Ray Moore is so genius. “Oh young lady I don’t want you to bust a nut on this!” “Never let that crooked dick motherfucker in that pussy. You’ll be walking bowlegged for a month!” I’m literally dying because of this. The best part is that it’s recorded live. “Questions and Answers” comes next, basically women asking Rudy about sex. “SHOVE YOUR FINGER UP THAT MOTHERFUCKERS ASS! THAT’LL KEEP HIM STEADY!” oh my lord, he is telling women to do anal. Fart jokes. “Sex is just like putting money in the bank, once you take it out, the interest is all gone.” “ladies be PROOOOUD of your beautiful body!” – wise words by Dr. Rudy Ray Moore.

Okay, so um. The B-Side…
I’m kind of nervous about this, “We have a special guest from the university of Cockology” – aand “thank you don’t give me the clap, give it some other motherfucker.” – well, this side is for the men. As, the A-Side was ladies only. “Get on the case and get busy, fuck your woman til she gets dizzy!” lol, he just yelled “LICK HER BELLY AND MAKE HER ASS SHAKE LIKE JELLY.” The stuff Rudy is say is off the wall. “Most of you motherfuckers spend more time with your dog!” (Yup.) and I can’t keep up with all of this, I literally wish I could just type up everything Rudy is saying. Though, he sure does love shouting the the title of the album… over and over, at the end of every sentence. It’s now time to “Turn on Your Woman”, he goes about explaining how to have sex. “Oh man, that man sure talks some heavy shit” – have I not been saying this about Rudy for like ever? “Don’t be a motherfucker and get all up on a piece of pussy and bust a nut in 3 minutes, that’s what I call an oatmeal motherfucker“… “oatmeal motherfucker.” yes, he just said that. Oh, keep in mind, it’s the 70’s, Rudy is black, so he drops the N-Bomb a lot. I won’t though. Oh, just title dropped again. “The Master Stroke” comes up next, “start with a slow grind, put rhythm in your behind.” he definitely is making everything rhyme. Anyways, the album ends with Rudy telling stories, and well, they’re interesting. Well, that’s it!

Interesting Facts:


To Beatrice, Love always Rudy Ray Moore

I wish Rudy Ray Moore loved me 🙁

Track Listing:
A1 – For Women
i – Close Encounter of the Sex Kind
ii – Turn Your Man On
iii – Questions & Answers

B1 – For Men
i – Close Encounter of the Sex Kind
ii – Turn You Woman On
iii – The Master Stroke


Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Conceived, Produced & Directed by Rudy Ray Moore
Special Material by B.D. and N. Reed
Cover Photo – C.B. Adams
Cover Design – Coop

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