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Rudy Ray Moore – “Close Encounter of the Sex Kind”

Rudy Ray Moore – “Close Encounter of the Sex Kind”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: None. Personal Review: Dr. Rudy Ray Moore! Funky shit. “Close Encounter of the Sex Kind, this message is about how to fuck. Take it in girls, because after this message, this record may self destruct” – oh my God. This stuff. I can’t keep up with how many times he... Read More »

Allen Buchanek – “Saved By Fire”

Allen Buchanek – “Saved By Fire”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: “In Corinthians Paul speaks of those who would be saved “so as by fire.” Allen Buchanek has a testimony that fits Paul’s expression.  Allen was a typical 19-year-old college student, living for a good time in the big city – without thought of God or spiritual values – when tragedy... Read More »

The Germs – “Germicide: Live at the Whiskey”

The Germs – “Germicide: Live at the Whiskey”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: “Shortly after, Kim Fowley hosted a series of new wave nights at the Whiskey, and the Germs managed to be included on the bill. They told everyone they knew to bring some kind of food, and the results resembled a hurricane in a Safeway produce department. Sickening concoctions of salad... Read More »

The Germs – “Forming / Sex Boy (Live)”

The Germs – “Forming / Sex Boy (Live)”The Sleeve:   The Liner/Sleeve Notes: “First of the hard-core L.A. groups to come up with a single, the Germs have recorded (I think that’s the word) one of the most mind-boggling songs I’ve ever heard. They take monotony to new heights and push the absurdity factor further than almost any other group. The song... Read More »

Erick & Beverly Massegee – “Amen!”

Erick & Beverly Massegee – “Amen!”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: “Erick Massegee, the most hard-headed member of the Charles Massegee Evangelistic Team, sings, teaches and amuses on this record. Erick, youngest member of the team, is the dummy manipulated by Beverly Massegee. Mrs. Massegee won the National Association of Ventriloquists’ 1974 Dialogue Contest for two of the routines she and... Read More »

The Kaye Family – “Live!!”

The Kaye Family – “Live!!”Cover/Sleeve:   The Liner/Sleeve Notes: “The Kaye Family must surely rank as unique among musical entertainers. Mother, Father, Daughter and Son, whilst each projecting strong individual qualities in their respective talents, merge into a blendship of melodic unity, which is smoothly maintained throughout a warm and appealing performance. Audience attention is commanded by supreme musicianship,... Read More »

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