The Kaye Family – “Live!!”


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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
The Kaye Family must surely rank as unique among musical entertainers. Mother, Father, Daughter and Son, whilst each projecting strong individual qualities in their respective talents, merge into a blendship of melodic unity, which is smoothly maintained throughout a warm and appealing performance.
Audience attention is commanded by supreme musicianship, smack on timing that would do justice to a space shot and a superb arranging ability. Deeply insighted into people’s requirement in entertainment, they have the happy gift of presenting the very best material covering a spectrum from light to popular music.
This intimate family unit, small as it is, nevertheless produces the big sound.
The skillful change of immaculate gowns, by the ladies who supply the vocals, compliments their splendid harmony.
There is nothing magical in their success, just hard unrelenting work, dedication to their art and that impelling desire in all true professionals to bring and give only of the best to the people.
Ringing the curtain down on The Kaye Family is a difficult task, the clamour is always for more.
Call your own family together, set the turntable to 33 1/3 r.p.m. and be assured that you too will spin this disc many times.
South Wales

Personal Review:
Well, what can I say? This is better than the “Kaye Family Album”, better track listing, better arrangments, the only flaw is the sound qaulity. It’s recorded live, in a night club in the 70’s… You have to strain to hear the music.

Interesting Fact:


Good Luck?

Track Listing:
A1 – Cabaret
A2 – Put On A Happy Face
A3 – Something’s Going To Happen Tonight
A4 – Love Me With All Your Heart
A5 – Quando Quando
A6 – Never Ending Song Of Love
A7 – Everybody Loves A Lover
A8 – High On A Hill
A9 – Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
A10 – Too Young

B1- Granada
B2 – White Rose Of Athens
B3 – A Short Selection Of Famous Overtures
B4 – Aquarius
B5 – Midnight in Moscow
B6 – Volga Boat Song
B7 – Gopak
B8 – Black Eyes
B9 – From Russia With Love
B10 – Kalinka


Catalog Number:
HLS 207831

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Compere: Stan Powell
Cover Photo: By Hammonds Photography at Park Hall Ballroom
The Entire Audience of the Canton Liberal Club, Cardiff
A T.K.F. Production
Sleeve Printed and Made By: West Brothers (Printers) LTD., London, S.W. 19

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