The Blind Slye Twins – “It’s Me Again Lord”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
Singing plays a big part in Evangelism – in attracting people – in setting the mood and pace of every Service – In preparing men`s hearts to a decision of Christ – in stirring people to climb to new heights of service. Judy and Barbara Slye literally fill a church with music and song.
 They travel with Mom and Dad, “The Slye Evangelistic Party.” They also appear in many Gospel Concerts. The girls have a natural – yet God-given talent that has been a very special blessing to many hearts/
 It is out sincere wish that you will receive a strong spiritual blessing as you listen to the dedicated girls sing for the Glory of God.

Personal Review:
The Blind Syle twins was one of my first Gospel records, and is one of my most favorite albums in my collection. It’s also titled after one of my favorite Gospel songs.
So, the album opens with one of my favorite Gospel songs, “It’s Me Again Lord” – and let me say, this is true Southern Gospel, wonderful female voices, amazing steel guitar and the Goss Brothers on backing vocals, what else can a boy ask for? The next track is “The Price He Paid” – which is a song about God’s plan for Jesus, and all the events that followed (Manger > Calvary > Crucifixion) it’s a pretty good track, I honestly love the Slye twins. They’re really talented, and Judy ain’t so bad looking either. Next up is “When I Pray” which opens with the Goss Brothers, then the Slye twins. It’s a really good song, I do feel the Slye twins are one of the few groups of singing sisters who I actually find good. “God is Everywhere” comes next, it’s not a bad song, but comparatively to the other tracks I’ve heard so far, it’s kind of slow. But it’s still a pretty alright track! The A-Side ends with the track “The Shepherd and I” which is a good song to end the A-Side with, once more, the Slye twins are pretty amazing, and I don’t think there is much others like them.

The B-Side opens with the track “The Wrong Side of Me” – which the sister that is doing this solo, I’d like to think it’s Judy, has an amazing voice all on her own. Then the Goss brothers and Barbara join in, and it becomes a whole new amazing song, and it’s all perfect. Next up comes “How Can I Forget the Day” – which is another beautiful song by the Slye twins, the whole song is done so beautifully, and the Slye twins really prove their talent when they hit the chorus of the song. “Brother Have You Heard About Jesus” comes up next, which is kind of a track about Jesus guiding the sisters in doing good, and them telling others about Jesus. It’s a bit cheesy, with that pop sound, which is very, very different for it’s time. They deliver it nicely though! “I Found the Way” comes up next, which opens with a neat guitar session, Then comes another favorite Gospel track of mine, “I Wouldn’t Trade” (which Richard Miller also does.) and it’s amazing, the Slye twins sing beautifully and deliver an amazing performance on this album! The final track has some nice organ music, then the Slye twins join in to sing “How Long Has it Been?” – and it’s a pretty good way to end the album.

From what I can find on the internet, the Slye twins still preform to this day. Their father, David Slye passed away in 2005.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – It’s Me Again Lord
A2 – The Price He Paid
A3 – When I Pray
A4 – God is Everywhere
A5 – The Shepherd and I

B1 – The Wrong Side of Me
B2 – How Can I Forget the Day
B3 – Brother Have You Heard about Jesus
B4 – I Found the Way
B5 – I Wouldn’t Trade
B6 – How Long Has it Been?

Hymntone Records

Catalog Number:
HPS 7498

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Recorded at Baldwin Sound Productions, INC.
Musicians & Vocal Background – Goss Brothers
Steel Guitar – Ted Solesky

Other Albums I Own by The Blind Slye Twins:
No One Ever Cares for Me Like Jesus



  • Van Jealous says:

    Always enjoyed their albums. There uncle, Junior, was my barber for many years in Laurel, Md. I used to see their LP covers on display on the shelves near the bottles of Vitalis and Brylcream tubes. It wasn’t until years later that I re-discovered them while working in a record store. I think I still own at least two of their lps (including this one).


    P.S. The British Anarcho/Punk Group, Chumbawamba sampled the Slye’s music on a couple of their LPs.

  • Tate says:

    Awesome story! Which LP’s do you own? I only know of “It’s Me Again Lord” and “No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus”.
    Also, interesting about Chumbawamba, do you know which songs they sample on?

  • Shannon Hinds says:

    Barbara and Judy are still singing in church. After their fathers passing, they moved to Winchester with their sister and actively sing at their brothers (Rev. Karl Syle) church, Greatest Freemdom Ministries in Harrisonburg, Va. Growing up in the family church ( I am a cousin), I have always been moved by the voices and sincere and faithful praising to these loving and faithful women.

  • Rebecca Ashby O'Dell says:

    Rev. Bennie Slye was my pastor growing up and then David Slye and I knew Barbara and Judy well. I did own their albums “He Touched Me” and “He Washed My Eyes With Tears” but over the years lost them. Do you know if any of their albums are on CDs and how I could purchased them. I really do miss them.

  • Tate says:

    Hello Rebecca, I love hearing stories such as yours! It’s always great to know that these artists are not forgotten after all these years, I did not know they had another album titled “He Touched Me” – I do have three of them, none are that.
    As for CD’s, I do not believe so, many years ago I knew of someone who might have been able to help you, but over time I’ve lost contact with him.

  • Shirley Ridgely says:

    I am a cousin of the Slye twins their mom was my mom’s sister I loved their singingI remember hearing them in Elliott city md I think it was back in 67 I loved their singing. My mom’s maiden name was Peacher an her married name was Bidinger . She passed away last year I am 72 now an live in Westminster Md ..I do not have an email

  • Im so overly excited to read these comments i first heard the slye twins when I was 10 yrs old at our family church in hanover md we were having a revival and they were our guest I was hooked my mom got me two of the albums i listened to them albums everyday by the time I was 12 I was singing there songs…one song that stood out for me that I sang alot was Born to serve the lord ..that song was on the album Nonody cared for like jesus..And the other slye sister sang that song…but im now 53 and lost the albums over the yrs and now there songs are just flooding my head ..wish i knew how to get new ones

  • Sandra Clem says:

    To the slide twins have in a record set in a CDS out

  • Glenda (Stump)Bolyard says:

    As a child we had both of their albums.I think I lost them in the 1985 flood. I recently found the album titled No one ever cared for me like Jesus again and purchased it. It came all the way from Portugal!!! I’m looking for It’s me again Lord. I loved those albums as a child! I’ve never forgotten those ladies. I always looked forward to when they came to our church.

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