The Moody Blues – “This Is The Moody Blues”

The Sleeve:
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The Gatefold:

The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 And to conclude the big three for – I present you with… the Moody Blues.

 So, the album opens with the song “Question” and boy is that some fast guitar playing or what? The vocals come around, and they’re really good. Then the bass comes in, and things are amazing. It’s a pretty good song, though the sudden change of pace really throws me off, and I’m kind of lost but still enjoying the record. It’s good. Then boom! It goes fast again and the bass is great. Like, why is that bass so amazing? Then comes “The Actor” and it’s a pretty good song, a lot different than the previous track. I love the flute playing in the background too. It’s pretty good. This song has deep meaning I am sure. Then comes a poem titled “The Word” I’m not really sure how to take this one, because poetry is out of my area of expertise, but the backing music is cool. Aren’t all songs technically poems? Om. “Eyes of a Child” follows next, and it brings us out of that funk we were brought into, the musicianship – the chorus. It’s all amazing. “Dear Diary” comes next, and you know it kind of has that Beatles feel to it, it’s not bad though – heck I think it may be even better than the Beatles. I really like this, it’s pretty mellow. What is with this weird spoken word bit? Odd! Then comes the track “Legend of a Mind” which opens with the very odd line, “Timothy Leary’s… dead” and wow, I’m not sure how to take it, but I’m really enjoying the music, it’s pretty great. This flute solo is off the wall. Like wow! Timothy Leary.

 The B-Side begins with “In the Beginning” and well, it’s a trippy spacey spoken word track with various minimal synth going on in the background, but then it quickly goes to the song “Lovely to See You” and it’s a great song, no complaints here! Then after all that amazing guitar playing comes “Never Comes the Day” and it’s a pretty good song to rock out to, not bad at all! I’m loving this album so far! After that follows the song “Isn’t Life Strange” it’s a bit slow, but it’s not a bad song at all, I’m enjoying it a lot and this whole album. The musicianship is pretty great. Then comes another poem, “The Dream” – I’m not sure why these poems come every now and again, but it’s all good. “Have You Heard (Part One)” comes next, and it’s another pretty chill track, I really enjoy it. Then it goes into the song “The Voyage” and the piano playing in this song is quite amazing, I personally love it. It’s not bad at all! “Have You Heard (Part Two)” comes up next and ends the B-Side, it’s not overly bad, it’s a good song, but it’s basically all chill and stuff like the part one of this two part track.

 Ride My See Saw” opens the C-Side and it’s fast paced and it makes for a great opening track on this album! “Tuesday Afternoon” quickly follows, and the bass on this one is so loud, it’s so different! I love it, and you know I still stand by the fact that I think it is better than the Beatles. I personally love it! The musicianship is great too. “And the Tide Rushes In” follows up next, the vocalization on this album is so great, I only so far only know one of the songs and it hasn’t even come up yet. Then after that comes the track “New Horizons” and it’s another slower song, but hey, it’s good, and I like it and that chorus is pretty great – definitely love it! Then comes the track “Simple Game” and it’s a track with a pretty funky beat until it becomes amazingly pop sounding, it’s great and I love it, and this album has not let me down yet! The C-Side closes with the track “Watching and Waiting” and it’s a bit slower again, but it’s a pretty decent track, so I really can’t complain much about this one!

 The D-Side opens with the track “I’m Just a Singer (In a Rock and Roll Band)” and it’s another fast paced opening track! But hey, it’s a pretty good track, and the musicianship is intense! So much going on at once! I love it! I really like the vocals and lyrics too! Those are pretty good! Then after that magnificent piece of music, comes the track “For My Lady” and despite that it it slow, it’s still a pretty good track, I’m partial to the musicianship. “The Story in Your Eyes” comes next, and we continue to roll on with the good times, the musicianship is pretty nice, but hey, I think I keep saying that. Then we go onto the track “Melancholy Man” and it’s a bit slower track, it kind of reminds me of Donovan. But I really forgot the track I’m thinking of. So, we’re just gonna let it carry on. Then comes my favorite Moody Blues song, “Nights in White Satin” and it is the greatest song and I absolutely love the lyrics to this song, and the musicianship – the vocals are the greatest though! I’m absolutely in love with this song. The album ends with the track “Late Lament” and it features a spoken intro, with some subtle music in the background, and I really wish they did not end the album with this track, the previous track would’ve been such a better way to end the album.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Question
A2 – The Actor
A3 – The Word
A4 – Eyes of a Child
A5 – Dear Diary
A6 – Legend of a Mind

B1 – In the Beginning
B2 – Lovely to See You
B3 – Never Comes the Day
B4 – Isn’t Life Strange
B5 – The Dream
B6 – Have You Heard (Part One)
B7 – The Voyage
B8 – Have You Heard (Part Two)

C1 – Ride My See Saw
C2 – Tuesday Afternoon
C3 – And the Tide Rushes In
C4 – New Horizons
C5 – Simple Game
C6 – Watching and Waiting

D1 – I’m Just a Singer (In A Rock and Roll Band)
D2 – For My Lady
D3 – The Story in Your Eyes
D4 – Melancholy Man
D5 – Nights in White Satin
D6 – Late Lament

Threshold Records

Catalog Number:
2 THS 12/13

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Orchestral Section – The London Festival Orchestra
Arranged and Conducted by Peter Knight
Recording Engineer – Derek Varnals
Assistant Engineers – David Baker & Adrian Martins
Produced by Tony Clark
Photographers – David Rohls, Pete Jackson, Nick Massey, David Wedgbury, Kippa Agency for King Records – Japan & Ethan Russel for AB Electra
Personal Management – Jerry Weintraub for Management Three, LTD.
Drums – Graeme Edge
Vocals & Guitar – Justin Hayward
Vocals & Bass – John Lodge
Vocals, Keyboards & Guitar – Mike Pinder
Vocals, Flute & Harmonica – Ray Thomas

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