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Ray Harris Trio – “The Ray Harris Trio”

Ray Harris Trio – “The Ray Harris Trio”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: “Ray and Dolores Harris have been singing the Gospel for many years and are now joined by their teen-age daughter, Tammy Renee. Tammy has made several solo albums and has broadened their ministry to many foreign countries, as she has been the soloist in several missionary crusade in the Orient.... Read More »

Rusty Goffe – “Rusty Goffe Sings and Plays for Your Entertainment”

Rusty Goffe – “Rusty Goffe Sings and Plays for Your Entertainment”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: “RUSTY GOFFE PLAYED ORGAN, GUITAR, BAGPIPES, TRUMPET, POST HORN, TIMPANI, GONG, SIDE DRUM, CYMBALS, TUBULAR BELLS  At last, after many thousands of requests, comes an album featuring the many musical talents of Rusty Goffe. With his music Rusty tours the world to show the range of his talent, taking in... Read More »

Chris, Chris & Lee – “Chris, Chris & Lee (Ours/Theirs)”

Chris, Chris & Lee – “Chris, Chris & Lee (Ours/Theirs)”Cover/Sleeve:   Liner/Sleeve Notes: “FLYING BIRD. I cried when my Flying Bird died. I sighed for a falling star on high. I ask you why. / Roses be made, roses will fade. Love will be laid, love goes its way. I ask you why. / I’ve been looked at love, looked at life as one.... Read More »

Donnie Saxe – “Something Worth Living For”

Donnie Saxe – “Something Worth Living For”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: “God, who works in many ways His miracles to perform, has brought to us te life, withness and testimony of Donnie Saxe. The privilege has been afforded to me and the honor appreciated as God’s preacher to write a few words about my Spiritiual Song in the Gospel, this man... Read More »

Gary (Dee) Bradford – “Gary Dee Bradford Sings for You, and You, and You”

Gary (Dee) Bradford – “Gary Dee Bradford Sings for You, and You, and You”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: “This album is lovingly dedicated to my brother, CLIFF, JR.  Gary is an excellent example of God’s grace turning a handicap into a super blessing. My encounter with him on an imtimate level as his vocal teacher was one of my greatest experiences doubled by an exciting challenge.  Gary Dee’s... Read More »

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