Suede – “Easily Suede”

Here we are with Suede’s first album, released in 1988 on her own label. Is it country? Is it jazz? I am about to find out.

We open up the album with the Kenny Loggins track, “Wait A Little While” and Suede does hit the high notes really well, and she definitely does have a bit of Carly Simon vibe to her voice. It’s not really country, maybe a bit of a jazz pop song? She’s got a good voice for sure. But, ultimately, so far not my type of music. Next up, we have “It Really Is Nicer with You” and it’s quiet, whispered almost vocals. Trumpet. This song doesn’t seem to be doing it for me at this point. Oh, she is getting louder, but the song is still slow paced. I’m conflicted because Suede does have a really nice voice. “Doncha Wanna Know” continues the album, and I’m hoping it does get better, the musicianship is good, just it’s really slow paced jazz so far. And yea, all I can say is that I like Suede’s voice, but these songs just aren’t cutting it for me. Oh shit, she just let it all out on this one, with that growl in her voice, so far this seems to be the best track on this side, but we are coming up to a cover of a Willie Nelson song. I do like that growl though. This woman does have an incredible voice. The album continues with Willie Nelson’s “Crazy” and I mean, in my opinion, the best version of that song is still Patsy Cline’s version, because most versions have been boring. The piano playing is good though. ALRIGHT! We end the A-Side with “The Ones Who Aren’t Here… A Tribute to PWA’s” and once more, it starts off quiet, and I can hear her voice, and she’s good, I cannot stress this enough, just not my thing. So, that’s it for the A-Side.

B-Side! Let’s go! Which opens with “Caressing Me” and yea, we’re keeping up with this slow jazz vibe. Not bad, it’s alright. We continue on with the song “From A Distance” and it kinda sounded like a Christmas song at first, but it’s not… I don’t think? But, this song kind of also has a gospel vibe? Maybe I’m wrong. It does sound inspirational, yes. It’s Gospel… or I’d think with a line like “God is watching us” – and Suede does have a trumpet solo in this. Sweet. Okay, carrying on we go onto the track “No Regrets” and it’s still another one of those slow, quiet songs. Easily missable. Next up, we go “Home to Myself” and Suede does deliver some nice vocals on this track, and the acoustic guitar is a nice touch to her vocals. The album closes with “Til We Meet Again” and you know, this album hasn’t been awful or anything, Suede has a great voice, delivers fantastic vocals and her backing musicians are extremely talented. It is disappointing that only a handful of songs on the album stood out amongst the others, this one being one of the few.

Catalog Number:

Executive Producer, Vocals, Guitar, Trumpet & Piano – Suede
Piano & Yamaha DX7 – David Pearl
Acoustic & Electric Bass – John Leonard
Drums – Paul Hildner
Cello – Tim Anderson
Produced & Engineered by Karen Kane
Assistant Engineer – Pamela Putnam
Jacket Designed & Created by Tim Kestel
Cover Photo – Sandra Paetow
Recorded March 1988 at Soundwave Studios, Washington D.C.


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