Bachman-Turner Overdrive – “Not Fragile”

The Sleeve:
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The Gatefold:

The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 I only really know one or two songs by BTO, this album has both of those two songs.

  So, the album opens with the title track “Not Fragile” and well, the musicianship is pretty good, the vocals are a little too far few for me, but the musicianship is good. I do however love the guitar playing on this track, as it’s pretty great – the vocals however don’t really change for me on this track. After that comes the track “Rock is My Life, and This is My Song” and it starts off a bit slow for me, but it’s not overly bad or anything. I do like the drum playing on this track. The musicianship is pretty good too. “Roll On Down the Highway” comes next, and it’s one of the better songs on the album so far, definitely one of those Southern-y rock type songs that I can really get into. Definitely a good song to jam out to. Then comes like everyone’s favorite Bachman-Turner song, “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” and well, besides the amazing musicianship (especially the guitar playing) the vocals are great, and the chorus rocks. The A-Side ends with the track “Free Wheelin’” which opens with a pretty great guitar solo, so I do think it’s something that everyone could enjoy – I know I am! The drums eventually come in, and more guitar playing, still no vocals yet, but the guitar playing is pretty intense. Yea, no vocals.

 The B-Side opens with the track “Sledgehammer” and once more, we have an amazing guitar riff to open the song, and the solos they have on this album are amazing. The vocals then come in, and the song is a bit slower than you’d think. But it’s still pretty good so far. Even that high note that was just heard. Yup, it’s definitely a good opening to the B-Side. “Blue Moanin’” comes next, and it’s kinda got that bluesy rock sound to it that a few other bands I’ve listened to have. But it definitely has one of the greatest guitar players, BTO is pretty good, I also love the country-ish sounding vocals this song has. After that comes “Second Hand” which is said by several other music critics on RYM to be better than “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” and yes, the musicianship and vocals are good, but I would not go to the extent of saying it is better, maybe equals. That weird wobbly guitar playing in the background is pretty neat too, definitely love whoever is playing guitar on this album. They’re good. The album then ends with the track “Givin’ It All Away” and it opens again with some more great guitar playing, then the vocals come in and hey, they’re pretty great too. For me though, this album was more about the musicianship as opposed to the vocals.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Not Fragile
A2 – Rock is My Life, And This is My Song
A3 – Roll On Down the Highway
A4 – You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
A5 – Free Wheelin’

B1 – Sledgehammer
B2 – Blue Moanin’
B3 – Second Hand
B4 – Givin’ It All Away

Mercury Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Bass Guitar & Vocals – C.F. Turner
Lead Guitar & Vocals – Randy Bachman
2nd Lead Guitar & Background Vocals – Blair Thornton
Drums & Percussion – Rob Bachman
Slide Guitar – Frank Trowbridge
Produced by Randy Bachman
Recording & Mixing Supervision – Mark K. Smith
Recorded at Kaye-Smith Studios, Seattle, Washington
Recording Assisted by Buzz Richmond
Mixed at Sound City Studios, Los Angeles, California
Mixing Assisted by Richard Dashut
Equipment – John Austin & Weasel (Greg) Morgan
Direction – Bruce Allen Management, Vancouver, Canada
Photography – John Brott & Bruce Larson
Cover Construction by Parvis Sadighian
Photographyed by Tom Zamiar
Art Direction – Jim Ladwig
Design – Joe Kotleba

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