Dahmer – “Dahmerized”

The Sleeve:
105_4809 105_4810

The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
Welcome to our first lp… side A was supposed to be released as a 7″ on Relapse records but things fucked up we’re happy of it. We wanted to keep our material d.i.y. and far from rip off commercial business & asshole (hi bill !) that sell stuff at ultra inflated prices and that rip off many or some buyers. Anyway, many pseudo-big labels don’t really give a fuck about bands that run their things by themselves, Where the fuck he started Relapse? In the underground so… Side a was recorded in october 1996 at bob kohl studio and the side b contains trax that you can only find on demo as they are left over (we don’t play them anymore) and you’ll not hear any other versions of these songs from our actual lineup. These trax were recorded on january ’96. A friend of us (chouin) is doing us a homepage of us for free so you can pick up things that you may want there, the address is: http://www.clic.net/~chouin/dahmer. Many new split 7″ should be out soon so check your flyers or the rest of the net (by the way, seb’s e-mail is: sebbb@hotmail.com) Again, if you’re racist, you should not hold this LP in your hands. We play total Master Billy Grind! Homophobes: we’re three gays. Keep it cheap($$$)!!!

Huge thanx go to: Will from Clean Plate and all friends we have around the globe. You definitely know who you are.”

Personal Review:
Well, here I go again reviewing this (as my first review got lost in a server crash – so please excuse me if this isn’t the greatest review ever.)
Anyways, the album opens with the track “The Hillside Stranglers” – and all the songs are like super short, and I have no idea what is being said. Though, the album does have a lyric sheet. Then it’s “Douglas Daniel Clark” – which according to the lyric sheet is sung in French! Who’d have thought! Then next is “Adolfo De Jesus De Constanzo” (I like Spanish names. Hate Jennifer Lopez.) – anyways, so far, every single song has sounded the same. (Yay.) Then it’s “Mark Essex” – which is in French, according to the lyrics. Thought I still can’t tell. I just checked over the lyric sheet, and only two songs are actually in English – well this explains why I cannot understand anything being said! Well everything makes sense now. Except for why they are naming every song after serial killers. Next up is “John George Haigh” – I’m sure I could make some sort of joke here, but I really can’t. Then it’s “Albert Hamilton Fish” – and he has the worst name ever. Then again, Albert Fish was an awful man. Just like this song. Perfect way to sing a song about him, horribly. Then it’s “Jeanne Moulinet Weber” – and it’s pretty bad too. “Simoneau” came and passed. It was short and unnoticeable. Then it’s “In, Cool, Branché, Sensass & Flyé” – which is okay, but not that good. I really don’t like the A-Side so far. Seems like once again the song “David Berkowitz” disappeared. Oh well.

B-Side. First song is “Bastards” which is along the lines of every single song on the A-Side. Next up is “Les Dieux De L’Underground” which has good musicianship, but terrible vocals. Then comes “Gary Michael Heidnick” which is also like most of the songs on the A-Side. It’s basically kind of super boring. “Just Another Dis-Clone Song” is next, and blah. That is all I have to say about that right there. “Tueurs En Series” passed and I didn’t even notice it. “Dennis Andrews Nilsen” comes next, and the songs are beginning to differentiate from the songs of the A-Side, so the B-Side is picking up a bit on the worth listening to meter for me. “Pedro Alfonso Lopez” comes next. It’s okay. We can say it’s okay, right? “Edward Gein” is the next song, aaand it’s okay. (Y’all should watch the movie “Deranged“) – anyways the next song “John Wayne Gacy” features some weird ass TV show intro, then the grindcore – then the TV intro. The album itself ends with the song “Positif” and I’m sitting here wondering how I managed to sit through this album TWICE. Oh, yes… it’s on my iPod.

Interesting Facts:
The matrix number on the A-Side is “CP 17A Dahmer – To Grind…” and the B-Side is “CP 17B Dahmer – …IS TO LIVE.

Track Listing:
A1 – The Hillside Stranglers
A2 – Douglas Daniel Clark
A3 – Adolfo De Jesus De Constanzo
A4 – Mark Essex
A5 – John George Haigh
A6 – Albert Hamilton Fish
A7 – Jeanne Moulinet Weber
A8 – Simoneau
A9 – In, Cool, Branché, Sensass & Flyé
A10 – David Berkowitz

B1 – Bastards
B2 – Les Dieux De L’Underground
B3 – Gary Michael Heidnick
B4 – Just Another Dis-Clone Song
B5 – Tueurs En Series
B6 – Dennis Andrews Nilsen
B7 – Pedro Alfonzo Lopez
B8 – Edward Gein
B9 – John Wayne Gacy
B10 – Positif

Clean Plate Records

Catalog Number:
CP 17

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Yvan Dionne – Drums
Fred Belanger – Guitar
Seb Dionne – Bass + Vocals

Other Albums I Own by Dahmer:


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