Dale Coody – “Heaven Came Down”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
The master tape for this recording was made at the PURR RECORD COMPANY, 2011 Boulevard Heights, Anderson, South Carolina, on a Crown Tape Transport. This machine has one of the highest frequency responses of any in the industry. Electrovoice microphones Model 666 were employed. Some of the numbers were recorded several times and each time adding a different instrument. Thus, accompanist Frank Catanzaro was able to play the piano, organ, celeste and vibraharp, giving an adequate background for the soloist.

  A new voice is being heard in religious circles these days. It is the vibrant bass voice of DALE COODY. Without extraneous motions he will stand quietly and produce a quality of tone that captivates and thrills his audience. Actually Mr. Coody is using his great talent as a meas of conveying a message. Not just the message that he has a beautiful voice, which is evident, but the message that his life has bee turned over to God. When he sings, “Heaven Came Down and Glory Filled My Soul,” you too will experience a heart-felt enthusiasm for the things of your Savior, Jesus Christ and realize the sincerity of Dale Coody’s conviction that, “The greatest joy in this life is to do the will of God.”
 Mr. Coody, prior to going into the field of evangelism, served as Minister of Music and Education in several churches in Texas and Oklahoma. education, experience and conviction make Dale Coody one of the most effective full time evangelistic singers in the field today. He says, “It is my conviction that the singing of the Gospel is second only in importance to the preaching of the Word; therefore, it behooves me to give my best to Him who gave His all for me.”

Personal Review:
I got lucky when I got this album, as there are two covers for it. The one featured here, and this one. (Which is the ORIGINAL version).
Anyways, here we go.The A-Side opens with “Heaven Came Down” – and well, Dale… um, does not have a voice that would match his face. Dale is a very baritone person. It’s definitely not what I was expecting. Dale is good, but for some reason solo male Gospel artists don’t really float my boat. It’s then followed by “Why Do I Sing About Jesus” – Dale is talented, but in the end, the music just doesn’t stick with me. It kind of just floats by me. It’s then followed by “Surely Goodness and Mercy” – and I still cannot get over how baritone Dale is, like it’s amazing, I think he may be the only person with a voice deeper than Lowell Mason. But whoa, still. This song, however, is alright. Dale does try to attempt high notes, but just ends up singing really loudly. Then comes “God Did A Wonderful Thing for Me” – and it once again, is an okay track. Dale provides amazing Gospel vocals, I feel the album would be better with more backing musicianship. Then comes “I Know A Name” – and well, it’s nothing much, I barely realized I was in the second track when it came around. The A-Side ends with “When We See Christ – Until Then” – and it’s a slow song, and not the best. But hey, Dale can sing. That’s all that matters, right?

The B-Side opens with “How Great Thou Art” – which I’m sure Dale can perform, since I feel his voice is perfect for it. Anyways, let’s give it a listen. Okay, so yea, he can. BUT, (and you know with me there is always a butt.) it is most definitely the lack of backing band that makes the vocals sound off. Then comes “How Can I Help But Love Him” – and well, Dale does have good vocals, but the steady piano playing gets kind of boring. Then comes “The Wonder of It All” – which is a good track, slow, with the same droning piano over and over, but hey, it’s alright in the vocal category. Then comes the track, “He Bought My Soul at Calvary” – it’s a good track, slow, with the same piano as every single track. Then comes “I’ve Had a Glimpse of Jesus” – and it does have different piano playing, the vocals are still slow and basically the same sounding, Dale does give it a good run with the song. The album itself closes with the track “I Was There When It Happened” – it’s slow, and it makes for an okay way to end this album. I can’t really complain. Dale can sing, but needs better backing musicians.

Interesting Facts:
Dale Coody and his ostriches.

Track Listing:
A1 – Heaven Came Down
A2 – Why Do I Sing About Jesus
A3 – Surely Goodness and Mercy
A4 – God Did A Wonderful Thing for Me
A5 – I Know A Name
A6 – When We See Christ – Until Then

B1 – How Great Thou Art
B2 – How Can I Help But Love Him
B3 – The Wonder of It All
B4 – He Brought My Soul at Calvary
B5 – I’ve Had A Glimpse of Jesus
B6 – I Was There When It Happened

Jand Records

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Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:

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