Tammy Faye Bakker – “Tammy Tammy Tammy”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
Tammy sings… Tammy entertains… Tammy is talented… Tammy is versatile… Tammy will find a place in your heart. Her style is exciting and inspiring. Her favorites range from spirituals to gospel to beautiful sacred numbers. These are the ones she has chosen to share with you. Each one has a feeling, a mood that reflects the influence certain people and certain songs have had on her life. Her style was developed during the years she traveled with her husband, Jim, in evangelistic crusades. Now she crusades through the media of television and radio with the Christian Broadcasting Network reaching thousands of with her charm and talent. This record has captured so well the spirit of Tammy. THIS IS TAMMY BAKKER.

Personal Review:
So, this record would be Tammy Faye Bakker’s first record she ever cut, and I’m here to review it. Woo!
The album opens with the track “Love Lifted Me” which has some killer organ in it, and Tammy’s vocals aren’t like the classic Tammy we know on her other albums, heck this album isn’t even on the label PTL Records & Tapes! It’s on Hymntone! The song itself is pretty good, no complaints here. Next up comes “Take Your Harp Down from Off the Willow” which is a pretty nice track with obvious backing vocals by the talented Goss Brothers! The musicianship is pretty good, and Tammy’s vocals superb! Then comes “Teach Me Lord to Wait” – which is a slower song, but the Goss Brothers backing vocals make it all the more better! Then comes “To Be Used of God” which is a slow song, but features a prayer by Tammy in the middle. It’s pretty neat. Then comes “I’ve Had a Vision of Jesus” which is another slow song, not up to Tammy’s usual pace, but still pretty decent, I really can’t complain much here! The A-Side closes with the slow track, “Remind Me Dear Lord” – but the Goss’s backing vocals once more save the slowness of the song!

The B-Side opens with “Nearing the Shore” – which is a faster paced song, which is good! No complaints here! I really love Tammy Faye! Then comes the track “Peace in the Valley” which goes back to slow songs, but Tammy still delivers the song beautifully, and with so much devotion! Next is “Blessed Assurance” which is a decent track, no complaints on that! Then comes “The Beautiful Garden of Prayer” which is a slower song, but with some nice organ playing in it, and Tammy’s wonderful vocals! Up Next is “Where Jesus is tis Heaven There” which is slow, but features some beautiful piano playing. Now I’m not sure if it’s Tammy playing the piano and organ, since she is a organist? The album closes with “Ezekial’s Boneyard” which is back to Tammy’s usual style, it’s kind of a hint of what the future holds in store for us with Tammy! God Bless Tammy!

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Love Lifted Me
A2 – Take Your Harp Down from Off the Willow
A3 – Teach Me Lord to Wait
A4 – To Be Used of God
A5 – I’ve Had a Vision of Jesus
A6 – Remind Me Dear Lord

B1 – Nearing the Shore
B2 – Peace in the Valley
B3 – Blessed Assurance
B4 – The Beautiful Garden of Prayer
B5 – Where Jesus is tis Heaven There
B6 – Ezekial’s Boneyard

Hymntone Records

Catalog Number:
HPS 7237

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Engineer – R. Gene Eichelberger
Backgrounds – The Goss Brothers
Recorded at Baldwin Sound Productions, INC.

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  • Tammy Sue Bakker says:

    Hello, I am Tammy SueBakker Tammy Faye’s daughter. I love your review of Mother’s album. I am currently looking fir a copy of, “Tammy,Tammy,Tammy.” Would you happen to know where I could find a copy?

    Thank you!

  • Tammy – I had sent you an email, I can try to help you find a copy.

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