Danny & Joyce Deardorff – “Ma La Lady”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 We dedicate this album with all our love to Ed, Suni, Philip, Darius (and Maggie)

Your music and your lives will be an inspiration for us all,
 Jim Seals & Dash Crofts

Personal Review:
Another album by the very talented Danny Deardorff, this one, he is now accompanied by his wife!
The album opens with the track “The Castle“, and it’s a great track! Danny, like always delivers the song beautifully, the musicianship on it is pretty great too. Next up comes “Chinook” – which is another great song, I really like it. The next track is “Chicago Blue” which is an absolutely beautiful track, and one of my favorite tracks by Danny Deardorff. Then comes the track “Ma La Lady” (which I also own the 45 of) – which is just an amazing song all together, I really can’t complain here. It’s a nice romantic-y folk song, and I love it. The A-Side ends with the song “Love Song” which is a pretty good song with a steady chorus that is absolutely amazing!

The B-Side opens with the track “Earth” which has a pretty nice opening, and Danny’s lyrics are pretty good. I’m quite in love with this song. Then comes the song “Golden Road” which is kind of a funky, folk song. The lyrics are pretty good, and the musicianship is great. Danny delivers this song very well! “The Little Kings of Earth” come next, and it’s a slower song, but still pretty amazing. Then the chorus comes in, and Danny just delivers like only Danny can. The backing musicianship just makes it absolutely stunning, and an all together masterpiece! “I’ve Got a Friend” comes up next, which is a pretty nice song which Danny just makes into a magical experience for everyone! The album ends with “The Stars” – which Danny had wrote for his wife, Joyce, as the first line is “Oh the stars, Look at all the stars Joyce” it’s a beautiful ending track for another great Danny Deardorff album, really glad I own it.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – The Castle
A2 – Chinook
A3 – Chicago Blue
A4 – Ma La Lady
A5 – Love Song

B1 – Earth
B2 – Golden Road
B3 – The Little Kings of Earth
B4 – I’ve Got a Friend
B5 – The Stars

Jasmine Records

Catalog Number:
JR 1919

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Guitars – Louie Shelton, Marc Joseph, Danny Seals & Ovid Stevens
Saxophones – Jim Horn & Steve Leeds
Mandolins & Harmonica – Danny Deardorff
Pedal Steel Guitar – J.D. Maness
Bass – David Hungate, Mike Porcaro & Louie Shelton
Piano – David Paich & Jack Lenz
Accordian & Moog Synthesizer – David Paich
Flutes – Jack Lenz
Drums – Jeff Porcaro, David Kemper, David Paich & Jim Varley
Background Vocals – Lana Bogan, Danny Seals, Jack Lenz, Louie Shelton, Tom Knox, Steve Farber, Jim Haas & Ron Hicklin
Produced by Louie Shelton
Ma La Lady” produced by Louie Shelton & Joseph Bogan
Engineers – Tom Knox & Joseph Bogan
Front Cover – Ken Bank
Back Cover – Louie Lizarraga
Ma La Lady” lyrics by D.D. Deardorff & Marc Joseph
All songs Published by DAWNBREAKER MUSIC CO. 1975
EARTH Published by DAWNBREAKER & ABC/DUNHILL 1969 & 1975
Personal Management: Day Five Productions, Jasmine Records

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