The Fuller Family – “A Little Crippled Girl’s Prayer”

The Sleeve:
1cripple 2cripple

The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  
To be asked to write about Marsha Fuller on her album is an easy task. She is an inspiration to all who know her. She. It was mainly Marsha’s song (The Cripple Girl’s Prayer) that inspired our recent Easter Telethon for the crippled children at Cardinal Hill Hospital. She served on the Telethon many long hours; on the telephone as moderator, and of course, singing. Lexington ranked 5th in the nation among 76 stations in total funds as a result of this Telethon.  Marsha is to be commended for her spirit and dedication to Jesus Christ and the things He stands for. One tiny 13-year-old girl, full of laughter, small in body, unable to walk, with a voice so mighty that in the quiet times looking into her face – you see God.  June Rollings, WYKT-TV, Lexington, Kentucky

 “MY LIFE”  It’s so great to be a Christian and serving such a great God. He has given so much to me, for most children with my disease lead a quiet life and never have the opportunities that I have had.  At the age of three He gave me a voice to sing with. And three years later God inspired me to write two songs. Since then, I have written four other songs and made two recordings. He has also blessed me in other ways. He gave me a wonderful Mom and Dad whom have loved and cared for me so much. He gave me a wonderful brother, Gene. You don’t find too many twenty-year-old men who loves to sing for the Lord the ways he does.  As a family we have had rough times together. Sometimes we didn’t know where the next meal was going to come from because of hospital bills, but, God has always pulled us through. Our house might not be the biggest and our clothes might not be the finest, but as long as we stay true to Jesus someday we’ll have a mansion that outshines the sun.  We truly hope that you will be blessed by our message in song to you.  Yours in Christ,  Marsha Fuller


top row l-r: Stanley Fuller emcee, Marsha a “little girl with a big voice”, Gene Fuller bass player, Charles Franklin guitar player.  bottom row l-r: Peggy Franklin, Lillian Mahorney piano player.

 This makes up the Fuller Family Gospel Singers from Lexington, Ky.

 May God Bless You,  Marsha Fuller

Personal Review:
 Basically this album is one of those highly sought after albums because of the cover, little do people know of the songs that are inside and just how good they are!

Anyways, the album opens with the title track “A Little Crippled Girl’s Prayer” which is sung by Stanley Fuller and the big voiced Marsha Fuller. It’s hands down one of the best versions of the song I have heard, and I’ve heard quite a few versions of it. I personally like the father/daughter duet part. It’s followed by Marsha’s version of “After All” which is a quite touching song and definitely a strong point for Marsha. Then comes “Oh What A Happy Day” which is an entire group act, but with many solos from the ever talented Marsha, followed by the slower “The Holy Hills of Heaven” which is a Marsha solo track, but the fam-jam does supply backing vocals! The A-Side ends with the ever-so-popular “He Touched Me” which is more of a testimonial by Marsha at first, and it’s awfully slow. I do have to give the family a kudos for it though. It is a hard track to do.

 So, the B-Side now, right?  Yessir. So, let’s play “Build My Mansion” – it’s a song about dying and going to heaven, (…and getting a mansion, in heaven. Pretty wicked idea right?) Anyways, the song is good, but slow. Then comes to “Thanks to Calvary” which the vocals in the opening aren’t Stanley nor Marsha? Who is it? (Gene maybe?) anyways, it’s actually a nice song. I enjoy it. He is joined in by a female singer (Not Marsha.), not sure who she is? (Maybe Peggy Franklin? IT’S A MYSTERY!) – anyways. “Put Your Hand in the Hand” is the next track, and you know what? Everyone loves that song, no matter who you are or what you like, you’ll like it – especially sung my Marsha Fuller, you know why? She’s adorable. Then comes Stanley singing “This is What Heaven Means to Me” – which starts off as a Stanley solo act, then Marsha joins in and it becomes another wonderful father/daughter act! Anyways, so the B-Side ends with the “Eastern Gate” which is sung by Stanley again, and Lillian Mahorney (Who, may I say has a tremendous voice, I’d pay to just hear her!) then joins in Marsha, it’s beginning to become a family act! Aaaand it’s not. Solely, Marsha, Stanley and possibly Lillian.

 So that concludes that part of this process.  Anyways, after hours of research I found out a few things.
 One, Marsha Fuller (later Williams) did get married and have a kid! (Kimberly), also, Marsha was born March 12, 1960 (almost 15 days before me, and 30+ years…) which also means this album being pressed in 1975, and the tracks stating Marsha is 13, suggest it was recorded in ’73. Anyways, Marsha, sadly, passed away February 26, 2005 at the age of 44.
 I can only assume by Google searches that Stanley Fuller too, has passed away (I’m going to go out on a limb and say in 1996.)
 Google also states that Lillian Mahorney (related to the Franklin’s, apparently) died in 1976 a year after this was pressed.
It also suggest Charles Franklin has been passed away since 2005.
 Gene Fuller is still alive.
 As for Peggy Franklin, she seems to have disappeared off the face of the Earth.
 Anyways, if anyone has any info e-mail me to let me know! 🙂

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – A Crippled Girl’s Prayer
A2 – After All
A3 – Oh What A Happy Day
A4 – The Holy Hills of Heaven
A5 – He Touched Me

B1 – Build My Mansion
B2 – Thanks to Calvary
B3 – Put Your Hand in the Hand
B4 – This is What Heaven Means to Me
B5 – The Eastern Gate

Fuller Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Marsha Fuller – Vocals
Stanley Fuller – Emcee
Gene Fuller – Bass
Charles Franklin – Guitar
Peggy Franklin – ? (Not Listed, I assume vocals?)
Lillian Mahorney – Piano

Other Albums I Own by The Fuller Family:



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