Desmond Child & Rouge – “Desmond Child & Rouge”

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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 Now this is a band I bought because I know *one* of their songs from the 1979 film, “The Warriors” and figured, well if I like that one song, why not buy a whole album of their songs?

 The album opens with the song “Westside Pow Wow” and immediately we kick off with some great musicianship, but we kind of go into typical 70’s AOR lyrics, the vocals however, once the girls kick in seem to be a bit better than Desmond Childs’ vocals, the song is pretty decent. Whoa, that pick-up was just completely crazy, and the drumming is off the wall here. After that comes the song “Our Love is Insane” which is a pretty disco / funk sounding song, and it starts off with some pretty great female vocals, unless that is Desmond Child hitting some pretty high notes. I don’t think it is though, it would be crazy if it was. The song is alright, nothing overly special. Apparently this song was one of the ‘Hit Singles’ of this album too. I don’t see why. After that comes the song “Lovin’ Your Love” which seems to go back into the disco sound, and you know, I’m pretty big on disco. So, this disco track is pretty cool. It’s not bad at all! The chorus however is just a spew of rambling words that I cannot even understand, which is rather really disappointing. Then we go back to the disco part, and I’m happy. The A-Side ends with the track “The Fight” – and look at that, Desmond Child is back to singing on his own self-titled album! I thought we weren’t gonna hear him again, but wow! This song, which was also written by Kiss’s Paul Stanley (and David Landau – along with Desmond, of course.) is pretty great! “Left right left, it’s a fight to the death!” I think right there, is the single greatest line in any song. This song is filled with some pretty interesting musicianship, and piano tinkling. (According to the album credits, it’s a synthesizer.) Okay, so that song was pretty amazing.

 The B-Side opens with “Main Man” – and we’re back to the girls singing. You know what? It’s a pretty good love ballad, this review started off at maybe a 2 out of 5 stars, but these last two songs boosted that rating. Just because they’re so amazing. After ending that amazing track, we go onto the track “City in Heat” and well, it’s going on with some great musicianship and exceptional guitar playing, absolutely no complaints on the B-Side so far, the backing vocals by the ladies seem to be good, and Desmond throwing in his little ‘whoa-oh’s’ here and there, it’s not bad. I find a lot of the songs kind of have a Native influence on them, maybe it’s just me being crazy? I’m not liking this song, and it’s sad. “Lazy Love” follows next, and I think we’re going into that softer rock AOR sound, but with some female vocals once more, I find the album has been more just the girls singing as opposed to Desmond Child, not a big deal, they’re alright too. After that we go onto the song “Otti” which is about ‘Otti, the Skateboard King‘ and like, what exactly is the skateboard king? Can I be the record king? Yea, this song wasn’t that good. The album ends with the track “Givin’ In to My Love” which opens with some pretty heavy guitar playing, and then we go into Desmond’s vocals, and you know, I honestly thought this album was gonna be better than it actually was.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Westwide Pow Wow
A2 – Our Love is Insane
A3 – Lovin’ Your Love
A4 – The Fight

B1 – Main Man
B2 – City in Heat
B3 – Lazy Love
B4 – Otti
B5 – Givin’ In to My Love

Capitol Records

Catalog Number:
ST – 11908

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Produced by Richard Landis
Direction – Starflight Management Inc.
Photography – Ciro Barbaro
Vocals – Desmond Child, Diana Graselli, Myriam Valle & Maria Vidal
Guitar Solos – Elliott Randall & David Landau
Guitar Arrangements – Larry Saltzman
Horns – Randy Brecker, Michael Brecker, George Young & Jimmy Buffington
Synthesizer Arrangement – Rick Wakeman
Arranged by Charlie Calello
Mastered by Ken Perry
Concert Master – Gene Orloff
Recorded & Remixed at Media Sound, New York, NY
Recorded at Camp Colomby Studio, New York, NY
Engineered by Godfrey Diamond & Larry Rosen
Remixed by Michael DeLugg
Assistant Engineers – Bill Stein & Larry Gates
Drums – Alan Schwartzberg & John Susswell
Bass – Neil Jason & John Siegler
Keyboards – Paul Shaffer, Ralph Shuckett & Desmond Child
Percussion – Jimmy Maeulen & Rubens Bassini
Guitars – Elliott Randall, Jeff Miranoff, Joe Caro, Jeff Layton, David Landau & Larry Saltzman

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The Warriors: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


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