Gail Moyers – “The Man in My Life”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
When I tenderly reflect upon the Man in my life – Jesus Christ – I can’t help but sing His praises. My heart’s disease is that this album will help further your walk with Jesus and enhance your love relationship with Him.
 My task is not only to sing His praises but also to teach and encourage His people to do so. I pray that I may be able to sing many songs of praise, share many lessons and make hearts glad through the glorious power of His Holy Spirit. I rejoice in the privilege to able to Jesus.
 “…Where are the words? What can I say to you? For all you’ve done, can I sing praise to you…”
 Love, Gail

 A special thanks to Rex and Steve for the many hours spent in helping to produce the album and for having all the musical vision. My heartfelt thanks to my much-loved family for their supportive encouragement to achieve ALL those dreams of Jesus, ad to my precious sisters from our Monday night Bible study who have shared in my sorrows ad happiness through my ministry and who have literally prayed this album into completion – and to my special friend, Kevin, for standing by e and not allowing me to give up when the road seemed incredibly long and impossible. To ALL who have worked so diligently and long on this production for Jesus, I give you my love! I can never repay you all so I’m asking Jesus to. He shall reward you out of His riches. To Him be all glory and praise.

 *With love to my sister, Candy, and my brother, Jon, who have been called to Israel.

Personal Review:
This is another record out of one of my Crusade Enterprises gift-boxes. Anyways, here is the review.
So, it opens with a jazzy sounding flute (or something) and then Gail Moyers begins to sing, the song is “Give Them All to Jesus” – let me say one thing first, Gail Moyers is blind. She doesn’t look it though. Continuing on. So, the song is good. Then comes “All Good Gifts” – though the album was only pressed and had the jacket designed at Crusade, I feel Gail fits perfectly in with Crusade – simply because she is absolutely talented. “Thank You Lord Jesus” comes up next, the song is slow and to be truly honest, why not just name the song “Thank You Lord” or “Thank You Jesus“? The song picks up slightly, Gail delivers it though. So, we can all agree it’s good. Though, I’m not a fan of the use of woodwind instruments, I’m more of a piano, organ, drums, synthesizer and guitars type of guy. Next up, “Part the Waters” – and I think Gail may be the ONLY singer that does a version better than Denise. Definitely beats Debbie Kroeze. Then comes “How Great Thou Art” – a very commonly covered song in the Gospel genre. I don’t like Gail’s opening of the song, but once the chorus hits, she delivers it well. The world needs more Gail Moyers.

The B-Side opens with the track “Say “I Do”” – and well, I like the song. It’s really good. Next up is “Sacrifice Lamb” – and it’s a slow song, it’s good, well sung. Then comes the track “Daybreak” and it’s a good song, kind of has a pop-ish tune to it. I like it. Then comes “Come On, Let’s Praise Him” and that too, is a good song! I definitely like it as opposed to the other two before it. The album closes with the track “Waiting” – now the song writer is credited as “Harris” so I wonder if I was Ray Harris of the Crusaders who wrote it? MAYBE. Who knows? Not me. Anyways, the song overall, is good. So, the album ends on a good note. I’m happy with it!

In the end, I’ve found Gail Moyers, or Gail McWilliams as she is known as now. She’s a motivational speaker.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Give Them All to Jesus
A2 – All Good Gifts
A3 – Thank You Lord Jesus
A4 – Part the Waters
A5 – How Great Thou Art

B1 – Say “I Do”
B2 – Sacrifice Lamb*
B3 – Daybreak
B4 – Come On, Let’s Praise Him
B5 – Waiting

Kingstreet Music

Catalog Number:
LP S 276-01

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Chief Engineer & Synthesized Bass – Steve Beck
Assistant Engineer – Kevin Wyne
Guitars – Rex Parvin
Bass Guitar – Gary Myers
Piano – Herman Ruff, Michael Perks, Mark Brymer & Steve Walter
Woodwinds – Kent Minor
Drums – Ward Durrett
Percussion and Recorder – Tom Laney
Extra Percussion – Rhonda Parvin & Kevin Wyne
Background Vocals – Gail Moyers, Rex Parvin, Dan Perry & Tom Laney
Vocal Arrangements – Rex Parvin & Steve Beck
Recorded and Mixed at Sounds Fantastic, Decatur, IL
Photography – Don Roberts
Album Cover Consultant – W.D. Zehr
Pressing, Album Jacket – Crusade Enterprises, Flora, IL

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