George Jones – “Country Heart”

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Personal Review:
 I’ve always been a George Jones fan, and this album has been sitting in my review pile for ages. So, I finally thought I’d get around to reviewing it.

 The album opens with the song “Four-O-Thirty Three” and it’s really that classic country that everyone loves, or loved, but it’s great. George Jones was one of the most talented men in country. Then after that comes the song “Let A Little Loving Come In” and it’s a bit fast paced, but still pretty good, I’m definitely a classic country fan. “How Proud I Would Have Been” comes next, and it’s a slower country song, and this isn’t the same sounding George Jones that we all know and love, this is young George, he sounds so different. “We’re Watching Our Steps” comes next, and the backing vocals by the Jordanaires is pretty great, this album is so good so far. “Old Brush Arbors” comes next, and it sort of has that Gospel vibe to it, it’s a pretty good song. I love when country singers do some Gospel songs. It’s always the greatest. The A-Side closes with the track “The Race is On” which opens with some banjo playing as well as some piano, and it’s really rather great, no vocals as of yet, maybe it’s just an instrumental piece? If it is, it’s pretty great.

 The B-Side opens with the song “Take Me” and it’s a bit slower, but George still sings it amazingly. Then comes “Ship of Love” and it’s a pretty great track, I really liked it. After that comes the song “I Can’t Get Used to Being Lonely” and it’s another great track by George, fast paced, with lots of great music in the back, this guy sure can sing! “Walk Through This World with Me” comes next, it’s a bit slow, but still great. I’m really enjoying this album because it’s one of those albums that make me wish I could be a country singer, because George is just so great, and it’s fantastic to hear such a great album like this, it’s absolutely phenomenal, George just delivers every song amazingly. “Flowers for Mama” comes next, and it’s another slower track, but it has emotion in it, and it’s a pretty good track, I still cannot get over how great George is. Oh my, it’s a spoken word part, and it’s so great, this is what country albums are all about, spoken word parts and songs with meaning. The B-Side also seems to end with an instrumental, this time it’s titled “We Must Have Been Out of Our Minds” and it’s done really well, the guitar and piano seem to accent each other very well.

 Things Have Gone to Pieces” opens the C-Side, and it’s a for sure emotionally charged track, and it’s brilliant, slow, but just a beautiful track overall. It’s the perfect way to open the C-Side. “If You Believe” follows next, and it’s another Gospel song, and it’s a really good one again, and you can just feel the heart and soul in this track. “Gonna Take Me Away from You” comes next, and the steel guitar part in this song is absolutely great, I’m loving this album so much. “Till I Hear it From You” comes next, and it’s another slower track, but it’s still a good one, and George just continues to sing one great track after another. After that comes “I’m Wasting Good Paper” comes next, and it’s one of those country songs about love, well to be honest, they’re all about love, but that’s beyond the point. It’s a good song, and a great album. And of course, the C-Side closes with a banjo instrumental titled “White Lightning” and it’s absolutely fantastic! I could not ask for anything better!

 And finally the D-Side, “From Here to the Door” opens it up, and it’s a soft, slow love song. It’s a good song, I love the violin playing, I think it’s a violin? “Don’t Keep Me Lonely Too Long” comes next, and I think George kept all the slower, softer love songs for the C & D sides, and it’s not a bad thing, it’s pretty good. “The Sea Between Our Hearts” comes next, and it seems a bit more upbeat than the others, but still has that love song vibe to it. “Developing My Pictures” comes next, and this one has the classic George Jones vibe and sound to it, and it’s fantastic. “I Just Lost My Favorite Girl” comes next, and it’s another slow track, but a good one, and I can say by this point I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this album. The album closes with the track “The Selfishness in Man” and it’s a fantastic way to end the album absolutely enjoyable, and just a great album overall.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Four-O-Thirty Three
A2 – Let A Little Loving Come In
A3 – How Proud I Would Have Been
A4 – We’re Watching Our Step
A4 – Old Brush Arbors
A6 – The Race Is On

B1 – Take Me
B2 – Ship Of Love
B3 – I Can’t Get Used To Being Lonely
B4 – Walk Through This World With Me
B5 – Flowers For Mama
B6 – We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds

C1 – Things Have Gone To Pieces
C2 – If You Believe
C3 – Gonna Take Me Away From You
C4 – Till I Hear It From You
C5 – I’m Wasting Good Paper
C6 – White Lightning

D1 – From Here To The Door
D2 – Don’t Keep Me Lonely Too Long
D3 – The Sea Between Our Hearts
D4 – Developing My Pictures
D5 – I Just Lost My Favorite Girl
D6 – The Selfishness In Man

Musicor Records

Catalog Number:
P2S 5094

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Vocal Accompaniment – The Jordanaires

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