Lulu – “One Day At A Time”

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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 So, Lulu is kind of a big thing in Southern Gospel music, every knows her or knows of her, she sings all over and everyone loves seeing her.

 The album opens with the track “One Day at a Time” – which opens with some amazing steel guitar playing, before Lulu begins to sing, and she delivers this fantastic song beautifully, I’ve never heard this song done so beautifully. I cannot even get over how wonderful Lulu is at performing this wonderful track! After that comes the song “I Rather Have Jesus” and Lulu definitely gives off that wonderful country sound with her gospel music, and it’s pretty great, though this song isn’t the best song, in my opinion, it’s a little dull. After that we go onto the song “That’s the Man I’m Looking For” and it’s an alright song, it’s a little out of my range of what I like in Gospel, but Lulu is a terrific singer, so it makes it wonderful – even though the songs aren’t what I’d usually listen to, they’re still pretty good. After that comes the track “Alelujah” and I never knew it was spelt that way, but hey, if it works just roll with it. It’s a pretty decent track, not bad at all. The A-Side closes with “Hallelujah Wheels” which opens with racecar noises before Lulu begins to sing, and she sings beautifully, and it’s not a bad album, just a few of the songs are a little out of what I’d usually listen to. The musicianship is pretty great.

 The B-Side opens with the song “Love Song to Jesus” and it’s not a bad track, it’s a bit slow, but Lulu delivers it perfectly! After that comes the track “Come On Down” and it’s another slower track, not awful or anything just slow, Lulu is a beautifully talented singer. We continue on with the song “God You’ll Never Know (How Much You Mean to Me)” and it’s a good song, with kind of a really long title, and it’s not bad or anything, the song is performed so beautifully! We then go onto the track “Amazing Grace” which is always a nice track to hear different renditions of, and Lulu’s rendition is amazing! This is just a fantastic song sung by such a talented woman! The album closes with the song “The Sweetness of the Lord” and it’s a bit slower, but not bad, it’s rather nice. Lulu is a very talented woman, and she showcases it on this album.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – One Day at a Time
A2 – I’d Rather Have Jesus
A3 – That’s the Man I’m Looking For
A4 – Alelujah
A5 – Hallelujah Wheels

B1 – Love Song to Jesus
B2 – Come On Down
B3 – God You’ll Never Know (How Much You Mean to Me)
B4 – Amazing Grace
B5 – The Sweetness of the Lord

Rainbow Sound, INC.

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Piano – Bernie Arnett
Drums – Dale Cook
Vocal Background & String Arrangements – Marvin Montgomery
Bass – Marc Jaco
Vocal Background – Bob Cline Singers
Cover Photo – John Weekly
Rhythm & Engineer – Jim Grier
Steel Guitar & Dobro – Maurice Anderson
Producer – Bob Cline
Art & Design – Jack Whitt
Recorded at Rainbow Sound, Inc. Dallas, TX, 75207

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