Mildred & Julie Ann – “Jesus is the One”

The Sleeve:
MildredAndJulieAnnFront MildredAndJulieAnnBack

The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 Don and Mildred Grooms and daughter, Julie Ann, present their own compositions as well as others on this album. Mildred plays the piano and sings songs that exalt Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit. She is accompanied by Crusade musicians: Art Baker on the steel guitar and Bill Casolari who plays various instruments.
 JESUS IS THE ONE, the title song on this album; was given to Mildred Grooms by the Lord and is her own personal testimony of a born again experience and the Spirit-filled life. Four other songs on this album are Mildred’s own compositions. Julie Ann, 12 years old, joins her mother in a duet on three songs on this album.
 The Grooms family was brought into a deeper Christian walk with God in 1964 and began then to labor in the Lord’s work. They helped to pioneer “The House of Prayer” and the “Solid Rock Foundation,” a widely known and much blessed work of God in Girard, Illinois. They have worked faithfully in every department of that work until this present time. 
 In 1970, Missionary Clyde V. Shields brought a group of Filipinos to The House of Prayer for special missionary services. Out of those glorious services, God gave Mildred another song entitled The Angels Came From The Philippines. It was then that the Lord began to speak to the Grooms family about going into the mission field. Your purchase of this album will provide some of their fare to the Philippines and their support on the field. The Grooms are ordained and they minister in all churches. They will go to the foreign field with faith that God will supply their every need through this long play album and the prayers of those who love their ministry in song and who will stand by those who go forth in the name of the Lord to win souls.
 Rev. Clyde V. Shields

Personal Review:
 We’re back with another Crusade album.

 The album opens with the song “Jesus is the One” and it’s a sung pretty well by Mildred, I’m only guessing it’s Mildred due to how mature her voice sounds, it may not be, but hey, if it’s Julie Ann, she has a powerful voice. The song is pretty great though. After that comes “Being Good is Not Enough” and we seem to just continue on with Mildred singing, “The Angels Came from the Philippines” comes next, and now even though I’m enjoying this track, I question why angels are Filipino? You know what, not gonna question it. Then comes “I’ve Been to Calvary” which features Mildred and Julie Ann, and both of them sound strikingly the same, so it’s kind of neat to hear this! You can tell it’s Julie Ann due to her voice sounding less mature than Mildred’s. “I’m Gonna See My Jesus” comes by quickly, it’s a pretty decent song, but a little quick. “Keep Me Jesus As the Apple of Your Eye” ends the A-Side, and hey, it’s not bad, not bad at all!

 The B-Side opens with the track “It’s Different Now” – and it is different, because it’s Julie Ann singing, and hey there is even hand clapping! The hand claps really throw me off. Julie Ann is a good singer though. “Get On the Wing for Jesus” comes next, and I’m not quite sure what that title means, but the song is pretty decent, I like it. “I’m Living in Jesus” comes next, and Mildred keeps letting them tunes fly, and she’s so great. “More Than Anyone Else” continues the album going, and Mildred hits some nice high notes on this one, it’s pretty good and she definitely is a great singer. “Ten Thousand Angels” comes next, and it’s really slow, Mildred does have a nice voice, but this track really isn’t up my alley. The Album closes with the song “To the East, To the West” and it kind of just comes and goes.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Jesus is the One
A2 – Being Good is Not Enough
A3 – The Angels Came From the Philippines
A4 – I’ve Been to Calvary
A5 – I’m Gonna See My Jesus
A6 – Keep Me Jesus As the Apple of Your Eye

B1 – It’s Different Now
B2 – Get On the Wing for Jesus
B3 – I’m Living in Jesus
B4 – More Than Anyone Else
B5 – Ten Thousand Angels
B6 – To the East, To the West

Crusade Enterprises

Catalog Number:
LP 446

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Assisting Crusade Musicians – Art Baker & Bill Casolari
Engineer – Ray Harris

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