Paul Young – “The Secret of Association”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
I don’t know much about Paul Young, he was in Band Aid and sings that song “Why Don’t You Come Back” – that’s about it.

Anyways, the album opens with the song “Bite the Hand that Feeds” which is a pretty good way to kick off the album, it’s not bad at all, and has a pretty nice rock pop sound to it. After that comes the track “Every Time You Go Away” (which has a very familiar title – I guess I’ll find out.) thus far, the soft musicianship and vocals make for a pretty good follow-up track, the song is slightly sounding more familiar, I guess I’ll have to keep listening… Yup, I know it, “Every time you go away… you take a piece of me with you.” – definitely a great follow up song, yup. Still not sure what song I prefer, this one, or “Why Don’t You Come Back“? After that comes “I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down” – it’s an alright track, nothing overly special or anything, I definitely preferred the previous track. It has good musicianship to it. Then comes “Standing on the Edge” – and for an 80’s pop song, it’s pretty slow – but for some reason I recognize this one too. Though, it’s starting to pick up a bit, and it isn’t an overly bad track itself! The A-Side closes with the track “Soldier’s Things” – it’s another slower song, but it’s okay. I’m not overly fond of the A-Side yet, but hey, it’s not too bad.

The B-Side opens with “Everything Must Change” – and so far it’s a pretty good way to open the B-Side. It’s a great way to open the B-Side, the song is one of those songs that belongs on my iPod, which doesn’t work properly. The ending of the song, with all the backing vocalists is pretty amazing too, definitely one of the greatest B-Side openers I’ve heard in a long time! It’s then followed by “Tomb of Memories” – which isn’t an overly bad song, it’s pretty catchy and makes for another great follow-up track to the first. After that comes “One Step Forward” which is a pretty decent track, not really complaint worthy, though the chorus is pretty neat. After that comes “Hot Fun” which is basically one of those typical 80’s dance tracks, you know, with the deep basslines and repetitive lyrics. For some reason, when I hear the title being repeated, I think of this. This song, however, isn’t all that great. Then comes “This Means Anything” – which is another good song, it’s not an overly bad side this one, compared to the previous side. I’m definitely preferring the B-Side. The album closes with the song “I Was in Chains” – it’s a slower song, but the vocals are pretty nice. It’s a pretty good album in the end, not all that bad.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Bite the Hand That Feeds
A2 – Every Time You Go Away
A3 – I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down
A4 – Standing on the Edge
A5 – Soldier’s Things

B1 – Everything Must Change
B2 – Tomb of Memories
B3 – One Step Forward
B4 – Hot Fun
B5 – This Means Anything
B6 – I Was in Chains


Catalog Number:
FC 39957

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Backing Vocals – Fabulous Wealthy Tarts, The, George Chandler, Jimmy Chambers & Tony Jackson
Bass – Pino Palladino
Drums – Mark Pinder
Guitar – Johnny Turnbull & Steve Bolton
Keyboards & Bass – Matt Irving
Keyboards & Piano – Ian Kewley
Pedal Steel Guitar – BJ Cole
Percussion – Marc Chantereau
Producer – Laurie Latham
Trombone – Paul Nieman & Big Jim Patterson
Backing Vocals – Chris Difford & Glenn Tilbrook
Saxophone – Nicky Payne
Harmonica & Bass – Mark Feltham
Violin – Graham Preskett

Other Albums I Own by Paul Young:
No Parlez


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