Peter & Carol Dawson – “Fiddlin’ for Folk”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 The music of the well known Peter & Carol is presented on this album in traditional old-tyme style. A blend of ancient Scottish, Irish, and self-composed make this album one of the best of it’s kind. Folk festivals, nite-clubs, tours, and concerts keep these two busy when they are not operating their music shop in Pembroke, Ontario called “The Music Loft”. Here you will find Peter repairing and restoring all kinds of instruments as well as making a name for himself as a violin maker. His wife Carol plays many instruments and is heard on this album playing – Piano, fiddle, and bodhran. These two have two beautiful sons, Jordan and Corey. When it comes to roots – its all here as LOFTY RECORDS presents….

Personal Review:
 So, once again, I’m back doing another fiddle record. I’m sure I have one last fiddle record after this.

 The album opens with the track “Gatineau Reel” and well, it’s fiddles again. Just fiddles. I’m not even sure where these fiddle records came from, but I have a lot of them. I know Peter and Carol are really talented musicians, but fiddles just aren’t my thing. So, after that we continue on with the track “Merry Piper Jig” and it’s alright, not bad at all! We go onto the song “Scottish Medley”  and well, it starts off with the song “Braes O’Auchtertyre” and it’s a slower medley, but it’s relaxing to say the least, and the piano playing supplied by Carol is quite nice. After that the medley goes into “Hap N Row the Fleeties O” and it begins to pick up the pace some, not a bad thing. The medley ends with “Hurricane Reel” and it closes the track nicely. After that the album continues with “Mrs. Watson’s Henhouse” and it’s another upbeat track, it’s decent, I’m just not used to so much fiddles in one album. We continue on with another medley again, this one is now “Banks Hornpipe” and “Red Lion Hornpipe” together in one medley, and it’s upbeat, and a lot of these fiddle songs and albums remind me of what you may hear in a Newfoundland bar. The A-Side closes with another medley, this one is comprised of “Union Reel“, “Ratification Reel” and “Reconciliation Reel” and it’s a pretty decent track, not really one to complain about. The songs are well composed.

 The B-Side opens with the “Stepdance Medley” which is comprised of “Mini Fosters Clog“, “Bridge of the Wind Jig” and “Sligo Maid Reel” and it’s not bad at all, it’s a little different for my tastes, but then again this whole bluegrass polka fiddle business is. I do quite enjoy the little pick-up the song has, it’s quite enjoyable. After that we go onto the “Red Carpet Waltz” and it’s a good track, waltzes are always nice if performed well, and this one is performed great. So, it’s enjoyable. We go onto another medley, this one is comprised of “Sailors Return” and “Reel Du Pecheur” and once again, this one seems to be quite an enjoyable fiddle album. I think it’s the drumming in the background that makes it good. Overall, this album has had a lot of really nice fiddle medley’s. Once more we continue with another “Stepdance Medley” this one is comprised of “Mary Get My Shoes Waltz Clog“, “Jig Around the Clock” and “Dundee Hornpipe” and it’s fast. yet not too fast, it seems to be perfectly set in speed. The album ends with the song “One for Dugald” and it is a great way to end the album, the fiddle playing is perfect on this album and this album has proved to be quite a great listen. Not bad.

Interesting Facts:
“To Bill, Best wishes always, Peter Dawson”

Track Listing:
A1 – Gatineau Reel
A2 – Merry Piper Jig
A3 – Scottish Medley
 i – Braes O’Auchtertyre
 ii – Hap N How The Fleeties O
 iii – Hurricane Reel
A4 – Mrs. Watson’s Henhouse
A5 – Medley
 i – Banks Hornpipe
 ii – Red Lion Hornpipe
A6 – Medley
 i – Union Reel
 ii – Ratification Reel
 iii – Reconciliation Reel

B1 – Stepdance Medley
 i – Mini Fosters Clog
 ii – Bridge of the Wind Jig
 iii – Sligo Maid Reel
B2 – Red Carpet Waltz
B3 – Medley
 i – Sailors Return
 ii – Reel Du Pecheur
B4 – Stepdance Medley
 i – Mary Get My Shoes Waltz Clog
 ii – Jig Around the Clock
 iii – Dundee Hornpipe
B5 – One for Dugald

Standout Track:
“Scottish Medley”

Lofty Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Fiddle – Peter Dawson
Piano, Fiddle & Bodhran – Carol Dawson
Bass – Don Woods
Drums – Mat Watson

Other Albums I Own by Peter & Carol Dawson:


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