Sharifah Noor & Orkes Zindegi – “Djauh”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner / Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
Sharifah Noor, the blind Malay diva. Honestly, she’s great.
The EP opens with the track “Djauh” which just so happens to be my favorite Sharifah track! I don’t have much of a clue as to what is being said, (but that is why I want to learn Malay) but I do enjoy the music, Sharifah is definitely good chill music. Up next is “Beban Asmara” … and well, it’s amazing. No complaints here! The Orkes Zindegi provide amazing musicianship to back her great vocals, and it all pieces together perfectly. To be quite honest, never in a million and one years did I ever think I’d be sitting here, listening to Malaysian pop music, enjoying it and reviewing it. It’s great though. Seriously.

Anyways, the B-Side opens with the rather good “Bathin Tereksa” and I like it! I’m really glad I had found these Sharifah Noor EPs. They’re amazing. The EP closes with “Tak Mumkinku Lupa” which has the MOST funkiest opening guitar riff of my life. It’s amazing. I’m really digging this Malay sound. I must go to Malaysia!

Anyways, I still can’t seem to find much information on Sharifah Noor other than the fact she was really big in the 60’s and 70’s.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Djauh
A2 – Beban Asmara

B1 – Bathin Terseksa
B2 – Tak Mumkinku Lupa

Play Boy Records

Catalog Number:
NFEP – 5052

Studio Musicians and Other Album Credits:
None Listed.

Other Albums I Own by Sharifah Noor:
Godaan Mu
Jeritan Kalbu
Mari Bergembira
Oh Pujaan / Rindu Hati / Salabat Laila / Di-Mana Bahgia
Pesan Dalam Mimpi / Nasib Hina / Dimana / Tidurlah Sayang”
Sharifah Noor
Rekod Emas
Salam Bahgia / Hati Sedeh”


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