Sharifah Noor & Orkes Zindegi – “Sharifah Noor”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
So, most likely the rarest of rare in Sharifah Noor albums. This is a self-titled full length album!
Anyways, the album opens with “Katapan Anak Tiri” (Which google can’t seem to translate for me – which translates to “Mourning of a Stepchild“), anyways, the song is pretty good, I don’t understand it, but I like it. It’s pretty relaxing. Next up is “Jangan Putus Asa” which has the Orkes Zindegi providing backing vocals, and it’s pretty good! (The title apparently translates to “Do Not Despair” “Don’t Give Up“) Then comes “Kembali Lah” (which apparently translates to “Go Back” “Please Come Back / Please Return“) it’s a slower more relaxed song, but still pretty neat! I like Sharifah Noor. Then it’s “Hati Luka” (which hilariously translates to Liver Injury” – okay, I know it’s wrong.Broken Heart“) it’s a pretty good song, with good musicianship, Sharifah reminds me of one of those Hindi movies. Next up is my favorite Sharifah Noor song, “Djauh” (which doesn’t translate into anything. It actually translates to “Faraway“) it opens with some slow organ playing, then a funky ass guitar riff! The A-Side closes with the song “Beban Asmara” (which does not translate. – It translates to “Burden of Love“) – anyways it’s a solid way to close the A-Side. I’m kind of really fond of this track and “Djauh“.

Onwards to the B-Side! Which opens with “Mari Bergembira” (Which translates to “Let’s Have Fun” and it is a fun song!) it opens in a similar fashion to “Djauh” – the vocals are delivered well and the song is done amazingly. Then comes “Puas Sudah Ku Chari” (which does not translate. Which translates to “Been Searching Enough“) it’s a slow song, but it’s pretty good. There is definitely some saxophone or something up in there! Next up is “Ratapan Hampa” (which translates to “Mourning Empty” – that sounds wrong. “Mourning in Disappointment / Despair“) the song itself is another good track, so far so good with this album! Next up is “Putus Kaseh” (which doesn’t translate. Which translates to “Breaking Up“) – the song is another slow one, but still worth the listen as it has some bad ass organ playing in it. “Bathin Teseksa” comes up next, (it too, does not translate. It translates to “Suffered Emotion / Feeling“) but is an overall good song and an interesting listen! The album closes with the track “Tak Mumkinka Lupa” which is an interesting listen, and a pretty solid way to end the album! (It translates to “Will Never Forget”)

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Katapan Anak Tiri
A2 – Jangan Putus Asa
A3 – Kembali Lah
A4 – Hati Luka
A5 – Djuah
A6 – Beban Asmara

B1 – Mari Bergembira
B2 – Puas Sudah Ku Chari
B3 – Ratapan Hampa
B4 – Putus Kaseh
B5 – Bathin Teseksa
B6 – Tak Mumkinka Lupa

Play Boy Records

Catalog Number:
MOLP 1017

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Orchestrations by the Zindegi Orchestra

Other Albums I Own by Sharifah Noor:
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Jeritan Kalbu
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Pesan Dalam Mimpi / Nasib Hina / Dimana / Tidurlah Sayang”
Rekod Emas
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  • hambatuhan says:

    Sorry about the mail before…
    Hi..i landed here after looking for resources regarding sharifah noor. I would like to give a little suggestion about the song title translation.

    A1 – Katapan Anak Tiri – Mourning of a Stepchild
    “google for ratapan instead of ratapan”

    A2 – Jangan Putus Asa – Don’t Give Up
    A3 – Kembali Lah – Please Come Back / Please Return
    A4 – Hati Luka – Broken Heart
    A5 – Djauh – Faraway
    A6 – Beban Asmara – Burden of Love

    B1 title translation is correct ^^
    B2 – Puas Sudah Ku Chari – Been Searching Enough
    this one hard to translate, the title means that she gave her all and had utilize every means to look for something/someone.

    B3 – Ratapan Hampa – Mourning in Dissapointment / Despair

    B4 – Putus Kaseh – Breaking Up [lovers breaking up]

    B5 – Bathin Teseksa – Suffered Emotion/Feeling

    B6 – Tak Mumkinka Lupa – Will Never Forget
    “Mumkinka” probably old word or could be wrong typo in the printout. my best guest is “Mungkin”.

  • Hey Hambatuhan,

    Thanks for translating the song titles for me! Very much appreciated! I will surely correct that all in the next update.

    I wish I could give YOU more information on Sharifah Noor, I started collecting her music myself to be able to gain more information on her.

    If I ever gain more knowledge on her, I’ll surely post it for everyone to know!

    Thanks, Tate.

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