Tammy Faye Bakker – “Tammy Sings… You Can Make It!”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
My special thanks to Mike Murdock for writing songs with such a wonderful message. And special thanks to our PTL Partners for making this album possible.

Personal Review:
 Anyways, Tammy Faye Bakker. She’s the greatest isn’t she? I love her. My idol.
So, the A-Side opens with the song “You Can Make It” – I enjoy Tammy because most of her songs are about overcoming challenges that are thrown at you in life, and kind of like spitting in the face, and being like “I’m going to do this!” (Or, well that’s my opinion.), the next song is “In Walked Jesus” (YAY! Southern Gospel!) it’s a pretty good song, I like it! Then comes the song, “Mercy Re-Wrote My Life” which is like one of those praise Gospel songs. Slower than Tammy’s usual stuff, but nevertheless, Tammy delivers it amazingly. You know what I love about Tammy? She literally stops the song to tell a story. (The story, being about how her marriage was falling apart, but Jesus stepped in and saved everything. Jesus saves, yo’!) So, the song “Only God Can Make You Feel So Good” – Tammy sings well, but I don’t like the song. The A-Side closes with the track “God is Not Through Blessing You” – it’s a slow song, that is for sure. Tammy, for a woman of her size can sure hit those high notes and delivers them with such dedication like not many can.

Onwards to thy B-Side!
So, the B-Side opens with the track “Nobody” and Tammy’s opening vocals sound like that of a child. It’s pretty weird. The song itself, is a good song, about how no one has ever “touched” Tammy (religiously.) like the Lord has. Anyways, the following song is the more upbeat “I Am Blessed” – which is a pretty good song! Then comes the song “Lord, Paint My Mind” – it’s a slow song, but has a good message and that’s something everyone can enjoy, right? (Did I mention I quite enjoy singing along to most of my Tammy records?). “God Rides on the Wings of Love” comes up next, and it is quite fast paced! I love it! Anyways, what is a Tammy Faye Bakker record without a medley! The record ends with the beautifully delivered “Chorus Medley” – sadly, it doesn’t say anywhere on the record or sleeve what the songs in the medley are.

For those out there who don’t know who Tammy Faye was, she was the wife of Televangelist Jim Bakker and the co-founder of the now defunct PTL Club. She divorced Jim in 1992 after a huge scandal, (but I ain’t here to discuss that.) Sadly, Tammy passed away July 20th, 2007 after an 11 year battle with Colon Cancer.

Her son is now a preacher. He is quite the amazing man, check out his website.

Interesting Fact:

Track Listing:
A1 – You Can Make It
A2 – In Walked Jesus
A3 – Mercy Re-Wrote My Life
A4 – Only God Can Make You Feel So Good
A5 – God is Not Through Blessing You

B1 – Nobody
B2 – I Am Blessed
B3 – Lord, Paint My Mind
B4 – God Rides on Wings of Love
B5 – Chorus Medley

PTL Records & Tapes

Catalog Number: 
PTL LP-1827

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Executive Producer: Tammy Bakker
Producer, Arranger & Strings: Tom Keene
Engineered by Christopher Banninger
Recorded at Reflection Sound Studios
Production Assistant: Debbie Patton
Art Design: Jerry DeCeglio
Photography: Eddie Holder & Ken Beebe
Rhythm: Ron Mitchell, Russell DeShields, Terry Peoples, Paul Nabb, Jon Hunt & Howard McCrary
Horns: Larry Brubaker, Scott Smith, Jim Winters & Rodney Prichett
Woodwinds: Sonny Burnette & Lynn Daniels
Background Vocals: Howard McCrary, Linda McCrary, Charity McCrary, Ernie Frierson, Bob Vander-Maten, Terry Bradford, Joleen Vander-Maten, Jackie Gouche & Shari Larson
Ground Vocals Directed by Howard McCrary

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Tammy Faye Sings PTL Club Favorites
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