The Choraleers Quartet – “On The Way Home”

So, tonight we have The Choraleers Quartet of North Carolina and their first of two 1975 albums on the Truth record label. Another group of finely dressed gentlemen.

They open the album with the song “On the Way Home” and we got some pedal steel guitar, and that real country gospel sound that you know I love, and harmonizing vocals, and going over the track listing on this one, I only know one song. So, this’ll be fun! The song itself is pretty good, not bad at all! We continue on with the song “What a Beautiful Day” and it’s a slower song, not quite as good as the opening track, but not awful. I’m definitely hearing some female vocals backing on this one, or a man with a falsetto. Next is “Touring That City” and it’s got some group parts, and some solo vocals, not a bad track. “Love Will Roll the Clouds Away” comes next, and hey, group harmonizing and piano playing, it’s different, but there are some vocal solos. These guys do have really good voices though. “Hallelujah Square” ends the A-Side and boy, does this guy have a baritone voice or what? The first person I heard sing this song was Lowell Mason – also a baritone singer. Is this a baritone song? It’s a nice song.

You ever just wish as you listen to a record that you were in the studio with them? Cause I do. I want to know who is singing what parts. Anyway, “Living in Canaan Now” opens the B-Side, and hey, banjo! It’s a group song, and they all just sing together. “I Can See Me” which is written by Pianist Gary Lucas comes next, and I’m only further lead to believe that Gary Lucas is the one singing, and the guy with the more higher falsetto type voice, or are they tenor vocals? It’s a slow song. He sings it nicely. “Ready to Leave” comes next, and it’s a fast song, not only in timing, but it’s just sung quick, played quick and hey, everyone has solos, even the baritone singer. We go onto the slower, “Love Lifted Me” and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard Kenny Rogers do this song before, it’s a bit too slow for my liking, but hey, can’t like ’em all. Gary Lucas (???) ending it on a high note. “Joshua” ends the album, and it’s not bad, fast paced, sung well. Not a bad album, possibly recommend?

Catalog Number:

Recorded at Reflection Sound Studios, Charlotte, NC
Engineer – Wayne Jernigan
Produced at Creative Arts Sound, Prod., Charlotte, NC
Producer – Danny Sprinkle
Piano – Gary Lucas
Bass Guitar – Mike Laviner
Drums – Cullen Edwards
Steel Guitar, Rhythm Guitar & Banjo – Jeff Whittington

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