The Clovernotes – “Spread Joy!”

The Sleeve:

clovernotes   clovernotes2

The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
“From the Clovernook Home and School for the Blind”
-The Clovernotes


IRENE HEWITT is a rehabilitation instructor at the William Proctor Center. Originally from Providence, Rhode Island, she now lives in College Hill with her husband. Irene sings soprano and her hobbies are collecting music boxes and reading. “Since I particularly enjoy religious music, I chose CONSIDER THE LILIES”


“Hi, I’m JUDY GEISE” Music is important to Judy, she sings with her church choir and loves band concerts. With the Clovernotes she sings soprano and she works in the weaving shop at Clovernook. She likes NO MAN IS AN ISLAND. “I also love Florida and swimming.”



JUDY LASS swims and cheers for the Cincinnati Reds, win or lose. She sings soprano and is employed in the Bindery at the Clovernook print shop. She plays piano and loves making pretty things by hand… “I liked best, ALL HIS CHILDREN.”



BARBARA LISZNIEWSKI is a member of the Northern Hills Music and Literary Club and the American Guild of Organists, she plays many community church services and is employed as a Braille Proof-reader. She sings second soprano with the Clovernotes and chose SPREAD JOY for the record… “My favorite pastime is baseball. I love the Reds.”


MARJORIE BOOK comes from Pontiac, Michigan. She sings first alto with the Clovernotes and is employed in the Bindery of the Braille printing shop… “I love to try my hand at writing light verse and I enjoy playing for Sunday School and the Junior Church Services. I chose, IF WITH ALL YOUR HEARTS.” Marjorie is a charter member of the Clovernotes.


BETTY FRYE comes from Martinsburg, West Virginia. “I love to sing good, happy spirituals and Christmas songs. I’m happiest eating good southern cooking.” Betty sings second soprano and does beautiful weaving for Clovernook. She chose THE OLD ARK’S A-MOVERIN’ for the record.


“Hello, I’m PAT CROOK.” Pat sings second soprano and works as a stereo-typist at the Braille printing shop. She loves entertaining her many close friends, tending her flowers and baking her homemade bread. Her choice: LITTLE DAVID.


THELMA FELKER grew up in Tennessee and earned her B.A. at Martin College and Peabody University in Nashville. She is a Braille proof-reader and sings alto with the Clovernotes… “I love trying new things like ceramics and yoga.” Thelma is active at church and often sings solos. She selected MOON RIVER.


ALICE WARE is a member of the Order of Eastern Star and a homemaker. Alice sings first alto and works as a stereo-typist. “My favorite things are my husband, Jack, swimming, the outdoors, music, flowers, people, having fun and Jade, my German Shepherd guide dog.” She loves I BELIEVE.



CAROLE JONES was born and educated in Kentucky. She is the mother of three and has published several articles and poems and one short story. Carole sings alto is a Braille proof-reader. “I chose OLIVER.”



SHARON GARLAND comes from Walled Lake, Michigan and is the newest member of the Clovernotes. She is employed in the bindery and says her favorite pastime is meeting and getting to know people. “I come from a large, happy family,” she says “6 brothers and one sister.”



ROSANNA MASTERS came to Clovernook fifty years ago, in August, 1924. She is now retired but still industriously makes beautiful hand-crocheted rugs. “I like most to travel with the sings and help take cake of the sheet music and instruments.” Rosanna has been with the group since its beginning. Rosanna chose WHICH WAY, AMERICA?



This record is dedicated, with love, to Miss Beverly Richardson, who has just completed a decade of service as Director of Social Services at Clovernook. In 1965 she helped organize the “Clovernotes” and has been our most ardent supporter since that time. Her belief in our cause has enabled us to communicate our love of music throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. We wish Miss “R” much success in her future plans, and hope this record will bring her many hours of pleasure; for she has done so much to SPREAD OY in our lives.


Note: The Braille insert lists the names of the “Clovernotes” and the song titles. It was prepared in the Clovernook Printing Shop.”

Personal Review:
So, to start off… Those liner notes. My God. Worst thing I ever had to re-write.

So, the LP starts off with the track “Spread Joy” which was picked by Barbara Liszniewski – anyways, I’m not particularly fond of choirs or all girl singing groups (Wead Sisters or Braillettes) – like they make my skin crawl, but The Clovernotes kind of have this rather (how do you say it) Christmas-y choir sound to them. Anyways, track two is “Go Not Far from Me, O God” and well, it’s boring, but still delivered well. I think the album would’ve been a bit better if each track was a solo by each woman. (Just saying.) So, track three is “Little David Play on Your Harp” which was picked by Pat Crook. Anyways, I prefer it over the other tracks I’ve heard on this LP so far. (Good pickin’ Mrs. Crook), track four is “Consider the Lilies” as picked by Irene Hewitt (whose name is incorrectly spelled in the album credits), so the song is slow, quiet and boring – but still has that same sound. Marjorie Book’s pick, “If With All Your Hearts” comes up next, and basically sounds the same as every other track so far. The album DOES pick up with Judy Lass’ pick “All His Children” which seems to be a strong point for the A-Side (So, kudos to Mrs. Lass!) – it is followed by Judy Geise’s pick “No Man is an Island” which also helps pick up the slack for the other tracks. Then comes “Love Makes the World Go Round” which seems to be a good track, it’s a shame it takes so long for this LP to pick up. Thelma Felker picked “Moon River” and well, the LP starts to slump back down at this point. So, the A-Side ends with “I Believe” which is just… slow.

The B-Side now.

So, the B-Side opens with a track called “Clovernotes (Theme)” and it’s… something else. It’s… odd? They basically sing about what they sing about… Anyways, it’s followed by Carole Jones pick “Oliver!” (well, selections from Oliver!” (Why could they not have done “Memory” from CATS?) anyways, it’s an okay-ish track. I do enjoy the piano playing. The album seems to just go downhill from there, “Sunrise, Sunset” is just eerily creepy. “Yellow Bird” features this reaaaaally badly done bird noise, followed by an insane amount of rattling… Couldn’t figure out what was happening. Rosanna Master’s pick “Which Way, America?” seems to save the day! It’s catchy and it keeps you intrigued. Then “Tumbling Tumbleweeds” seems to slow the record again. Then it’s Betty Frye’s pick “The Ole Ark’s A-Moverin'” and well, thank God for this track. I was getting close to calling it quits. Then final track, “A Blessing” passes by so quick you didn’t even know it was there.

Anyways, so I did try to find out as much as I could. From what I gathered, Irene Hewitt passed away, Judy Geise is still alive, Judy Lass & Barbara Liszniewski both are impossible to find information about, Marjorie Book died in 2008, she did have her own company education thing. Betty Frye has disappeared off the face of the earth too, so has Pat Crook. This is Thelma Felker, as of 2003, where she is now, I don’t know – hopefully still around! No info could be found about Alice Ware & Carole Jones, Sharon Garland is presumably still at Clovernook from what I’ve read. Rosanna Masters passed away. No info could be found for Jeanne Ezelle Simons, Beverly Richardson, Diane Farlow or Evelyn Davis (I can only assume Miss Richardson and Mrs. Davis have both passed on.) aaand Hermina Hendl passed away in 1987 at 74 years old.

Interesting Facts:


Not so much an interesting fact – I just like dogs.

Track Listing:
A1 – Spread Joy
A2 – Go Not Far from Me, O God
A3 – Little David Play on Your Harp
A4 – Consider the Lilies
A5 – If With All Your Hearts
A6 – All His Children
A7 – No Man is an Island
A8 – Love Makes the World Go Round
A9 – Moon River
A10 – I Believe

B1 – Clovernotes (Theme)
B2 – Oliver! (Selections)
B3 – Sunrise, Sunset
B4 – Yellow Bird
B5 – Which Way, America?
B6 – Tumbling Tumbleweeds
B7 – Ole Ark’s A-Moverin’
B8 – A Blessing

No Label

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Program Notes Compiled by Carole Jones
Dedication written by Irene Hewett
Album Cover Design by Jeanne Ezelle Simons
Album Cover Art by Judy Ebbeler
Photos by Alex Martin
Recorded by Custom Fidelity Associates, Cincinnati, Ohio (513) 231-6300
Disc Mastered by Steve Guy
Director – Jeanne Ezelle Simons
Social Worker – Beverly Richardson
Volunteer – Diane Farlow
“Backstage Mother” – Evelyn Davis
Business Manager – Hermina Hendl

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