The Models – “Models”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
I know nothing about this band, except their Canadian, from Edmonton Alberta and that like, there’s a wet girl on the cover.
So, the album immediately opens with “Did It Well” – which, may I say has some pretty great musicianship, and like the lyrics are pretty good. So, like I like what I’m hearing thus far! Next up, with just as good musicianship is “Lovin’ You, Baby” – the lyrics aren’t as good, so I don’t like the song as much as the previous, but the musicianship is still pretty great. Then comes “You Gave Up On Love” – which once again features pretty badass musicianship, So, once more it’s a pretty good track like the first one, it makes me question what happened to the Models? (Apparently, they released a follow-up album in 1982) Then comes “Janie, You’re Wrong” – which has a familiar sound, not sure where I’ve heard it before! And, surprisingly, it’s pretty catchy, and rather good (No wonder it was one of their singles!) I liked it. So, the A-Side closes with “Heart Like a Wheel” and it’s not bad, it’s pretty catchy! I like it, great musicianship and lyrics, the group vocals are pretty badass too. Good way to end the A-Side.

So, the B-Side opens with the track “Get A Hold of Your Life” – which is a pretty good way to start the B-Side, the guy doing the backing vocals, (Brent Macnab, I believe) has a pretty great voice. Oh my god, that guitar riff. That was the greatest guitar riff I’ve ever heard on a private pressing record! Next up comes “To My Heart” – which is a pretty catchy track, with an amazing chorus and awesome guitar playing. Then comes “Gina” which is another pretty catchy song, I can’t get over how great the musicianship on this record is, like it’s beyond good! Then comes “Victoria Bay” – which comes off as a pretty good song again, with what sounds like some intense synthesizer playing. You’d think the song was about a place, but it’s actually about a woman.Anyways, the album ends with the track “Did it Well” – which I’m guessing is a reprise of the first track. yup. It is.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Did it Well
A2 – Lovin’ You, Baby
A3 – You Gave Up on Love
A4 – Janie, You’re Wrong
A5 – Heart Like a Wheel

B1 – Get a Hold of Your Life
B2 – To My Heart
B3 – Gina
B4 – Victoria Bay
B5 – Did It Well

Vera Cruz Records

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Guitar & Vocals – Peter Bodman
Bass & Vocals – Paul Cottle
Drums – Mark Kosman
Lead Guitar & Vocals – Brent Macnab
Keyboards – David Stahl

Produced by Wes Dakus for Park Lane Music Company Ltd.
Recorded & Mixed at Sundown Recorders, Edmonton, Alberta
Engineers – Gerry Dere, Jim Gaines & Ian Ross
Mixed by Gerry Dere & Jim Gaines
Mastered at Allen Zentz Mastering Inc.
Special Guest Appearances by Mavis McCauley & Barry Allen
Management: Newspeak, John Bell

Art Direction & Design: Monty Cooper
Photography: Christopher Bissell
Cover Girl: Angie Monette
Angie’s Clothes: Tish Northrup

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  • I came across your site while searching for The Models…I photographed both their albums ..their 2nd album was released in 1982 .. MaryAnne would of been a titled track (?)..
    They became good friends… both albums were shot in my Edmonton Alberta Canada Studios …
    They played for my leaving party the autumn of 1983… I re Located to London at the beginning of 1984…
    They were a very Hot Band Live… should of had more ( a lot more ) success!
    Christopher Bissell

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