The Mom and Dads – “Dance with the Mom and Dads”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 So, when I first started collecting records I found a copy of “Christmas with the Mom and the Dads” and soon after started to find more and more copies of their albums, at first I thought they were some spectacular rural folk act, but soon found out they’re a huge part of Western Canadian heritage and the polka scene. Anyways, I’ve always loved the cover of this album, so here we go.

The album opens with the “Tennessee Waltz” and we start with some sort of trumpet playing, and what can only come across as an organ on some sort of horse trot sound, it’s a bit slow, but somewhat relaxing. It’s a good opening track and not all that bad at all. I’m quite enjoying it. After that we go onto “Sweet Georgia Brown” and once more it’s a pretty decent track, I’m really liking this trumpet sound that is on the tracks. We then continue onto the track “My Happiness” which has that horse clop sound that was in the first track, they all kinda sorta sound the same. We continue on with the track “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You” and it’s a good track, I definitely never thought I’d hear the polka version of this album but I have, and am. It’s good, I’m enjoying it. “Over the Waves” comes next, and this one really has that polka sound to it, it’s pretty good, I’m enjoying this album more than I thought I was going to enjoy it, it’s a really good record. The A-Side closes with “Yes Sir That’s My Baby” and it’s a great upbeat track that really makes you think of life in the 40’s and just a really happy sound to this song and album, it’s quite nice.

 The B-Side opens with “Moonlight on the Manitoulin” and it’s slower, with cloppy sounds. It’s decent, except the clop sounds. “Redwing” comes next, and it seems to be a much better track than the previous, no clop sounds, which is a bonus, everything on this track is really nice, so I do like it a lot. “Who’s Sorry Now” comes next, and it;s slower but still a decent track, it’s like a song you’d hear in a jazz club or something, or a swing club. I do like this album quite  a bit actually, it’s really enjoyable. “You Call Everybody Darling” comes next, and it’s a good track, but not really one of my favorites on this album, but it’s still well performed. It’s not a bad track. “Wabash Cannonball” and it’s upbeat and fun, it’s really an overall interesting album, and it’s really well performed. The album closes with a clop filled version of “Amazing Grace” which is really disappointing because I feel without the clops this song would be so beautifully done, as it’s one of my favorite songs, either done as an instrumental or with vocals.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Tennessee Waltz
A2 – Sweet Georgia Brown
A3 – My Happiness
A4 – Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
A5 – Over the Waves
A6 – Yes Sir That’s My Baby

B1 – Moonlight on the Manitoulin
B2 – Redwing
B3 – Who’s Sorry Now
B4 – You Call Everybody Darling
B5 – Wabash Cannonball
B6 – Amazing Grace

Standout Track:
Tennessee Waltz

MCA Records (Canada)

Catalog Number:
MCA 17022

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:

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“Thanks for the Memories”


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