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Bruce Willis – “The Return of Bruno”

Bruce Willis – “The Return of Bruno”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: None. Personal Review: Okay, so y’all know Bruce Willis as John McClane in “Die Hard” or the naked guy in “Pulp Fiction” or numerous other characters in films, or simply, my favorite male actor… but did you know that he did an album? No? Well add this baby to his... Read More »

The Peacemakers – “My Faith Still Holds”

The Peacemakers – “My Faith Still Holds”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:   “DEDICATION   This recording was produced solely as a gift from God. We, The Peacemakers, are professional Police Officers who love God and Believe wholly in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The theme and message we would like to portray through this recording is the one and only... Read More »

Joyce Drake – “Joyce”

Joyce Drake – “Joyce”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:   “To my darling husband, Clyde, and my children, Lynn, Kari, Brad and Derek who mean so much to me, this album is lovingly and gratefully dedicated.    Joyce Drake  To God be the Glory!  I wish to acknowledge with gratefulness and thanks, those who have worked so long and... Read More »

Rosita & Her Soul Winners – “The Lord’s Prayer”

Rosita & Her Soul Winners – “The Lord’s Prayer”  The Sleeve:   The Liner/Sleeve Notes:   “This record is a tribute to my mother and our grandmother who has 3 days before Easter gone Home to be with the Lord Jesus Christ… We do Love her and miss her… Soon we will be seeing her again.  “Arise, shine for thy light is come,... Read More »

Elton John – “Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player”

Elton John – “Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player”The Sleeve: The Gatefold: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: None. Personal Review: Firstly, let me start by saying this isn’t one of Elton’s best records… BUT I still L-O-V-E Elton John. So, the album opens with the ever so popular Elton John song “Daniel” – which I’m still not sure what this song is really about, I’ve... Read More »

The Who – “Who’s Next”

The Who – “Who’s Next”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: None. Personal Review: I’m sure I’ll say this more than once… I’m a HUGE fan of the Who. Like, insanely huge. I loved Quadrophenia (album & film), I loved Tommy (the album, not the film – that was TERRIBLE!) – Anyways, “Who’s Next” the Who’s 1971 album which features famous... Read More »

Denise Klahn – “Closer to the Savior”

Denise Klahn – “Closer to the Savior”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: “As well as to the ministry and glory of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, throughout all the Earth, I would like to dedicate this recording to my precious loving family. They raised me, with the love and help of God, as a “normal” child, in spite of my visual... Read More »

Neil Madsen – “Trombone”

Neil Madsen – “Trombone”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: “‘We can make our plans, but the final outcome is in God’s Hands’ Proverbs 16:1 (Living Bible) This album was born in my Father’s mind during August of 1980. Since then my parents and many other people have worked with me to produce a recording designed to honor God and... Read More »

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