The Peacemakers – “My Faith Still Holds”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  
This recording was produced solely as a gift from God. We, The Peacemakers, are professional Police Officers who love God and Believe wholly in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

 The theme and message we would like to portray through this recording is the one and only Son of God, He was sent by God to live as a man, and to die in order that man may live. It is because of this death and resurrection that you can also be resurrected and spend eternity in heaven with him.

 We pray that this recording will present this message in a way that some will come to that Saving Grace. If you don’t know our Lord, today is the day and now is the hour of your decision.    
We dedicate this recording to you.

 Love In Christ,  The Peacemakers

Personal Review:
 So, this is the Houston Police Department singing Gospel. How else can you go wrong?
It opens with some bad ass organ playing on the song “First Day in Heaven” – and well, the way these cops convey the lyrics, and sing is pretty nice. I really find it quite interesting! It’s followed by “Give Them All” – and the male lead vocal, which I am guessing is Mike Hogg (who has an unfortunate last name for a cop.) and the female vocal, Barbara Fletcher, both provide amazing vocals on this track. “My Jesus I Love Thee” follows next, and well, it’s slow, like really slow and boring. It’s not a track I can honestly, “OMG GO LISTEN TO THIS!” – though, I’ll give them credit for their musicianship. Then comes “Lighthouse” – and well, one of the male vocalists hits higher notes than Barbara does. It’s eerily creepy. Though, they do present their tracks with enough devotion that this album isn’t overly horrible. The A-Side ends with the title track, “My Faith Still Holds” – which is a good track to end the A-Side with, it’s not overly fast or slow, and it’s not horrible. It’s pretty decent.

The B-Side opens with “Tis So Sweet / I’ll Fly Away” – the “Tis So Sweet” part is a little too slow for my liking, but the fact they sing like a choir amuses me greatly. Then comes the “I’ll Fly Away” part, which makes the opening track amazing now! I do love the electronic drum they use, it makes it so nice. Most of the instruments are probably being done by a keyboard. It’s followed by “Day by Day” which comes off as another slow track, Yup, most definitely a little too slow for my liking. Next up is the track “Rise Again” – which is a song I actually know, and you know what? It’s not bad at all! It’s actually pretty good. The Peacemakers deliver it beautifully, I definitely enjoy how they do the chorus of the song. Yup, this is definitely a great rendition of this song. Then comes the track “Praise the Lord” which is another favorite of mine! The Peacemakers once more deliver it beautifully! The way they do the chorus on this song is so amazing, the whole track comes out amazingly, I cannot continue to describe how much I love it! The album ends with “I Am” – which features the line “I am the alpha and omega” – it’s a good ending track. There’s no complaints here.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – First Day in Heaven
A2 – Give Them All
A3 – My Jesus I Love Thee
A4 – Lighthouse
A5 – My Faith Still Holds

B1 – Tis So Sweet/I’ll Fly Away
B2 – Day by Day
B3 – Rise Again
B4 – Praise the Lord
B5 – I am

Houston Police Department Gospel Ensemble Productions

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Bass Vocals – Tom Mashue
Tenor Vocals – Bob Davis
Piano – Rhonda Renk
Baritone Vocals – Craig Fletcher
Alto Vocals – Barbara Fletcher
Keyboards & Trombone – David Lafferty
Lead Vocals & Guitar – Mike Hogg
Recording Engineer, Sound Tech & Vocals – Mark Foster
Trumpets – Mike Harris & John Cessna
Flugelhorn – Mike Harris
French Horns – Mark Barnett & Lisa Giacona
Trombones – Tim Timpani & Ted Burke
Bass Trombone – Carl Mueller
Recording Engineer – Mark Foster
Brass Arrangements – Tim Timpani & Dave Lafferty
Group Photography – J.C. Hairrell
Recorded & Mixed at Miracle Recording Studio, Jacinto City, TX.

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  • Wesley says:

    I have been looking for this album for years. Is there any way you could digitize it for me?

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