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Hagood Hardy – “The Homecoming”

Hagood Hardy – “The Homecoming”I’ve always wondered if it’s pronounced Hey-good, Ha-Good or Hag-ood… Here we begin with Canadian composer, Hagood Hardy’s best known album, “The Homecoming” The album, naturally, begins with the title track “The Homecoming” which is actually Mr. Hardy’s best known song, and you know I do find writing about instrumental albums to be the most difficult... Read More »

Douglas Ward – “From An Elevated Platform”

Douglas Ward – “From An Elevated Platform”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  “This album was recorded in Bermuda in December, 1971 in two studio sessions. The first was completely solo; the second was with bassist Wally Russsell, drummer Allan Ganley and conga player Freeman Trott. Duggie (as he likes to be called) here plays a Cordovox electronic instrument on all the tracks,... Read More »

Doug Warren – “Doug Warren… At Home”

Doug Warren – “Doug Warren… At Home”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  “This collection of old and new favorites – Doug Warren… At Home – is well named. Doug handles the key-board in the reflective style that has earned the description “laid-back” from friends. He’s at home with the music and it would be an insensitive listener who could resist leaning back... Read More »

The Gentlemen Four – “We’ll Be Seeing You…”

The Gentlemen Four – “We’ll Be Seeing You…”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes:  “Here they are…………….. The Gentlemen Four……………….. Dave Covey… Steve Brown… Dave Tubbs… Bob Ross………………………………. Four Gentemen!……………………………….  For three years these four aspiring physicists have humbly had the Science Building at Point Loma College as their home. They found there that they could sing, would sing, so… they did sing! Headed... Read More »

Jeremy – “Loneliness is Such a Sad Affair”

Jeremy – “Loneliness is Such a Sad Affair”The Sleeve: The Gatefold: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: “When you first hear Jeremy sing, you’re not sure if your ears are being totally honest. You stop, listen again, and then realize that what you are hearing is a sensitive, new, different and totally interesting sound. A voice that will be readily recognizable the very next time... Read More »

Bent Fabric – “Alley Cat”

Bent Fabric – “Alley Cat”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: “The Alley Cats are swinging as they never have before. It all started when Bent Fabric, the international authority on the swinging life of the Alley Cat, revealed the answer to the age-old, and often asked question – what would an Alley Cat play if he could play the piano?... Read More »

John Arpin – “Direct-to-Disc”

John Arpin – “Direct-to-Disc”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: “This direct-to-disc recording features the talented Canadian pianist, John Arpin in a performance of popular favourites. Two steps are eliminated in the recording process, (a) the recording to multiple tape tracks, e.g. 8 or 16 tracks, (b) the mixdown from the multiple tracks to regular stereo or two track tape.... Read More »

Father Robert White – “The Reverend in Rhythm”

Father Robert White – “The Reverend in Rhythm”The Sleeve: The Liner/Sleeve Notes: “This record album introduces you to the very enjoyable vocal talents of a man called Father Robert White. “Father Bob”, as he likes to be called, is no newcomer to the world of music. He has always maintained an avid love of singing and listening to good music. He has... Read More »

Francis Lai – “International Velvet: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”

Francis Lai – “International Velvet: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”The Sleeve:   The Liner/Sleeve Notes: “Composers, like authors, are probably the most anonymous manipulators of public taste. We read or listen to their work, allow them to mould our thoughts and attitudes, and yet for the most part we are unaware of their personalities. Thus, when a film director is faced with the decision... Read More »

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