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Tammy Renee’ Harris – “Ordinary People”

Tammy Renee’ Harris – “Ordinary People”Firstly, I’m happy to say that this is my 450th post, and I’m glad I get to do the big 450 with a Tammy Renee’ Harris / Crusade Enterprises release, I absolute love them both. Secondly, I have to say that Tammy Renee’ and her mother Delores are two of my favorite people, they are... Read More »

The Blind Slye Twins – “He Washed My Eyes With Tears”

The Blind Slye Twins – “He Washed My Eyes With Tears”The Slye Twins are an absolute treat. Their album “It’s Me Again Lord” is a favorite of mine that has gotten a lot of plays over the last 15 years, this release, which was issued in 1980 by Baldwin Sound Productions seems to be their latest release, or that is known, I do hope their... Read More »

Bob Larson – “I’ve Got the Lord”

Bob Larson – “I’ve Got the Lord”I look at Bob Larson, and I feel like he’s just one of those guys you want to get to know. He released this album on Supreme Productions, inc., now my copy is a bit of a mess, because the record I’ve got is the 1966 CornerStone Records release (CR 3000/CRS 4000), but the sleeve... Read More »

John Bult – “Julie’s Sixteenth Birthday”

John Bult – “Julie’s Sixteenth Birthday”You know, I swore I wrote about this album already but I guess I never got around to it, but here it is, what is supposed to be one of the most talked about private pressing albums around, why? Once again, because the cover art. People tend to look at the cover and assume it’s... Read More »

Jim Roberts & Norma Zimmer – “Whispering Hope”

Jim Roberts & Norma Zimmer – “Whispering Hope”So, this is actually the second time I’ve played this album, the first time being back around March and at the time, as I finished writing about it my computer crashed and I lost the write-up. So, here I go again with my second playthrough of Jim Roberts & Norma Zimmer’s “Whispering Hope”¬†conducted by Kurt... Read More »

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