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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 So, initially my friend had given me this album because hey, it’s a guy with a big afro and equally big lapels. Then I heard it. Then I listened again, and again, and again. This album still blows my mind.

 The album opens with the track “When Will I Be Loved” and we get right into it with some drumming and guitar playing and Jeff begins to sing, and his vocals are tremendous, this guy has amazing talent. The high notes that Jeff can hit are phenomenal, and the drum playing by Dennis Beadenbaugh are great too. That long final note gets me every time. “Help Me” comes next, and it has this country sounding vibe to it, and Jeff also delivers this amazing country ballad perfectly. I can’t even begin to say how great this song is. That ending verse is fantastic, and ultimately what makes this song perfect. We then go onto the song “Tie a Yellow Ribbon” and it’s a pop sounding song, and once more Jeff’s amazing vocals are well defined with another excellent voice of songs on this great self-released album. Then we go into a love ballad with “My Woman, My Woman, My Wife” and this is one of my favorite songs on this album, it’s a bit slower, but Jeff’s vocals are so amazing, especially when he hits the chorus, and its one of those songs that you can just sing a long with and it’s perfect. Nothing better. This is a fantastic song. The A-Side closes with the song “He Don’t Love You” and it’s a great pop song, this guy is fantastic and his backing vocalists rock. I’m really on par with the musicianship though, it’s really what makes this a great album. Jeff is just a fantastic singer, and this album is amazing.

 The B-Side opens with another country ballad, “Make the World Go Away“. This is actually a really good country song, and Jeff once again delivers it perfectly. The guitar playing on this track is fantastic and once again, Jeff’s vocal accompaniment is perfect. “Mama’s Hungry Eyes” come next and it’s another great country ballad with fantastic musicianship, this album is so great, I can’t even believe there is no information on Jeff anywhere online. Then we continue on with the song “Lord You Gave Me a Mountain” and it’s a lounge sounding ballad, and well, I like it a lot. The high notes Jeff hits are so amazing, and this song is just beautiful, and backing musicianship is simply one of the greatest sounds I’ve heard. The notes Jeff pulls off are amazing. The album continues with the song “Carolyn” and this song is just a fantastic contribution the album, and it’s just great. The album closes with Jay George (AKA George George, Jr.) singing the song “Danny Boy” and well, George George isn’t quite as good as Jeff, but still great! This whole album has been one hell of an experience, it’s fantastic.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – When Will I Be Loved
A2 – Help Me
A3 – Tie A Yellow Ribbon
A4 – My Woman, My Woman, My Wife
A5 – He Don’t Love You

B1 – Make the World Go Away
B2 – Mama’s Hungry Eyes
B3 – Lord You Gave Me a Mountain
B4 – Carolyn
B5 – Danny Boy

Standout Track:

Kimball Recordings

Catalog Number:

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar & Vocals – George George, Jr.
Bass Guitar & Vocals – Mickey Hewitt
Percussion – Dennis Beadenbaugh
Vocals – Jeff Kimball

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