Lori Jacobs ‎– “Everything’s Jake!”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:

Personal Review:
 After a pretty long hiatus, I’m finally back online. And to celebrate, here is another fine record for all y’all.
This album opens with the track “I Don’t Even Time” and it seems to have a dancey pop sound to it, like bubblegum pop. Lori has a pretty good voice, and can hit those high notes pretty well. I do like Lori’s voice a lot. Kind of raspy. Next up comes “Dreamer” and it starts with a slow sort of melodic rhythm to it, it’s a pretty good opening, Lori then starts to sing, and I’m trying to place her accent. It’s definitely a ballad, and it’s a good one. The album continues with “My Sister” which has a really big build up to it. I’m liking the ballady vibe it has to it, Lori’s voice is pretty powerful. We then continue on with the song “That’s They Way Love Can Go” – which seems to start off slowly, but you can tell it’s going to have a really good chorus, you can just feel it. But it never comes… The A-Side closes with “Tugboat Annie” and hopefully it’s better than it’s predecessor, it’s still slow, nothing all that special lyrically, Lori’s vocals are good. The musicianship is good.

 The B-Side opens with “Maine” which has a pretty jazzy sound to it, and the musicianship is done well, but I just don’t like this song. The album continues with “Be My Love For Just Today” and it has a country vibe to it, it’s definitely better than the last track, nothing overly stand-outish. “One More Drink” comes next, and this one seems to be the best track so far, Lori really kicks it off on the chorus on this track, like I didn’t even see that coming. It’s great. Yup, definitely my favorite track on this album. “Blue Eyes” comes next, and it goes back to the usual soft rock ballad style music, a bit too slow for me. The album closes with the upbeat “That’s What You Say” which has that upbeat pop sound, with a bit of a funk sound to it. Or is it R&B? I’m not quite sure. It’s alright, nothing overly special. All in all, it’s an okay album.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – I Don’t Envy Time
A2 – Dreamer
A3 – My Sister
A4 – That’s The Way Love Can Go
A5 – Tugboat Annie

B1 – Maine
B2 – Be My Love for Just Today
B3 – One More Drink
B4 – Blue Eyes
B5 – That’s What You Say

Neostat Music Co.

Catalog Number:
HY 1001

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
All songs composed by Lori Jacobs
Producers – Lori Jacobs, Harvey Yates & David VanDePitte
Arrangements – David VanDePitte
Engineers – Ron Christopher, John Lewis, Mark Calice & Jim Vitti|
Cover Design – Lori Jacobs
Photography – Marc Nosera
Special Thanks – Howard Glizer, Jon Jacobs, Eddie “Sarkis” Balian, Bob’s Limo Service, David & Mary Lou, Dr. Philco, Tom Gelardi & Kelvyn Ventour
Backing Vocals – Donna Davis, Pamela Vincent, Cynthia Douglas, Barbara Tini, Jane Pricer, Lori Jacobs, Marcia Alpert, Mark Applebaum, Tara Applebaum, Mark Bach, Cindi Bell, Barbara Bredius, Nikki Bredius, Bob Chenault, Ron Coden, Marshall Cohen, Phil Marcus Esser, Tom Folk, Lynne Hords, Jon Jacobs, Sandra Jones, Jackie Kallen, Bonnie Krentler, Nancy Lingner, Richard Lutz, Jeff Lux, Mike McKenzie, Jo Ann Mathis, Kurt Allen Mayer, Terri Moore, Jenny Nichols, Mary Ann Paquette, Gail Parenteau, Lila Plotkin, Bill Plotkin, Betty Pokowski, Gene Rosenberg, Bluma Schechter, Marc Schechter, Rachel Schechter, Robert Schechter, Pam Skirke, Joe Stragea, Debbie Standerfer, Brian Wideman, Robert Wisok, Pat Witek, Marcia Wolok, Wendy Wolok, Beth Yates, David Yates & Phyllis Yates
Rhythm – Joseph Allen, Fred Carter, Jr., Dennis Coffey, Gregg Coles, Buddy Emmons, Ralph Gallant, Johnny Gimble, Lori Jacobs, Jerry Jones, David Kirby, Tony Migliore, Jerry Paul, Ray Tini, Sam Tundo, Earl Van Dyke & Eddie Willis
Horns – Lanny Austin, Maurice Davis, Larry Nazaro, George Troia, Joseph Troia & John R. Trudell
Strings – Franklyn D’Antonio, Nathan Gordon, Richard Margitza, Theddeus Markiewkz, Gordon Peterson, Philip Porbe, Felix Resnick & Alvin Score

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