Becky & Sandy – “I Know Where I’m Going”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
The Lewis family is active constantly in revivals, conventions, and camp meetings. Their overseas activities include an annual Bible Lands tour with Ralph Harris. You are invited!

SUPER PRESIDENT – 1 Hour cassette tape $3.50. Many other PROPHECY tapes available. Send for list.
 Special 6 for $15.95 includes postage and bookcase holder for tapes.
PRINTED COPIES OF PRAYER COVENANT – Mentioned on this record – No charge
SCRIPTURE LIST for further study – with this record – No charge
FILMSTRIPS, SLIDE SETS, TAPES to teach and preach END TIME PROPHECIES – write for price list

Personal Review:
 So, this album is by the daughters of Rev. David A. Lewis, Becky & Sandy – it’s Southern Gospel. So, it’s pretty good. It opens with the track, “The Same Jesus” which is sung by both girls, and it’s a good duet. The second track is the song “I Know Where I’m Going“, it’s another duet and it’s pretty good, (it’s about going to Heaven!) – the next song is “Build My Mansion” which is a solo by one of the girls (and I’m pretty sure it’s by Sandy, as I know the track “I Wish We’d All Been Ready” is by Becky). The following track is the song “Ten Thousand Years” (A personal favorite Gospel song of mine.) which is sung by both girls, and it’s absolutely amazing! The next track is the stunning cover of Larry Norman’s “I Wish We’d All Been Ready” performed by Becky Lewis, it’s amazing and eerie at the same time, (basically, imagine a 14 or so year old girl, singing a song about the world ending and everyone dying… you know, famine, death, pestilence and bloody war…) still amazing. (It’s actually in my most played songs on my iPod). The A-Side closes with the track “The Coming of The Lord” – which everyone that reads this site knows I love Southern Gospel, and it’s a good Southern Gospel track performed by both girls. Got to admit, I’m totally digging the dresses on the front cover.

The B-Side is a sermon… I’m never sure how to review spoken word pieces. So, I basically just say what’s happening. So there is a organ music, then a drum solo, and what sounds like a radio person saying “Coming Super President of the World!” – more drums… organs… David Lewis preaching from the bible. Oh, a “Human Satan“… the Antichrist. They are talking about born again believers. Oh my Gosh. They are talking about the Illuminati. Well then. This, this is different. I don’t want to knock it, but it’s different… yes, different. Now it is talking about communism. Force X. I personally prefer the music side of this record. Heh, he said “arousing it.” I’m digging David Lewis’s accent. Dominate all mankind. Anyways, skip ahead, organs. Bowing heads in prayer, prayer happening. I wonder if this was recorded in a church, during like an actual sermon. That would be cool. I just keep looking at those dresses. More praying. Amen!

Anyways, so that’s that for that record. I prefer the music.

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Track Listing:
A1 – This Same Jesus
A2 – I Know Where I’m Going
A3 – Build My Mansion
A4 – Ten Thousand Years
A5 – I Wish We’d All Been Ready
A6 – The Coming of the Lord

B – Coming Super President of the World – Sermon by Rev. David Lewis

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