Céline Dion – “Mélanie”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
 Je dédie ma chanson «Mélanie» à ma petite nièce Karine et ma soeur Liette, ainsi qu’à tous les enfants et parents d’enfants atteints d’une maladie incurable.

Personal Review:
What better way to start an introduction to Céline Dion then by doing one of her 1980’s albums that is completely in French. No, I will not translate each and every song to know the lyrics.

 So, the album opens with the title track “Mélanie” and well, Céline has always had amazing vocals – we know this, we’ve all seen “Titanic” – we all know who she is. The music is not overly bad either, it’s kind of like an overture to a french movie or something, it’s kinda cool. Not bad at all. So after that comes the track “Chante-Moi” – it’s a slower song, sounds a wee bit repetitive, but not overly bad as soon as it hits that chorus. Yup, not an overly bad track either. Still have no idea what is being said, but hey! Then comes the song “Un Amour Pour Moi” – and damn, Céline you and your voice are amazing. I’m actually quite surprised I’m enjoying this album as much as I actually am. Why am I enjoying this album so much? Could it be because I am a French Canadian? Quite possibly. Then after that comes the track “Trop Jeune à Dix-Sept Ans” and doing some Google searches, this was one of her big hits in the 80’s and I can see why, that chorus is amazing. This is a really good album, like seriously. I don’t get it. “Mon Rêve De Toujours” follows next, and closes the A-Side, and you know what, it’s a bit slower, but the musicianship is pretty good, and it’s not a wholly bad album so far or anything. Okay, so the album is pretty great.

 The B-Side opens with the track “Va Ou S’En Va L’Amour” and that title was complicated to type out, like oh my God. Anyways, it’s a bit of a rough start to the B-Side, considering how great the A-Side was. Yea, totally not digging this song. Nope. Not at all… Okay, the chorus is okay. Then comes “Comme On Disait Avant” and it’s another slower, not overly interesting track, and the slowly, with each track, my like meter drops a bit. You know, I moved away for a second, and suddenly I am so lost. Then comes the song “Benjamin” and yay a title that doesn’t require me turning everything in french to type it up! The song too, is a bit too slow for my liking. Yea, the A-Side was much better. Then comes the track “Trois Heures Vingt” and I know that is a very, very french song – well, all of them are, but like, that title just screams it… well, they all do. But hey, Céline is making a comeback with this song, ’cause it ain’t so bad here. The album ends with “Une Colombe” and well, it’s an okay ending track so far, but I honestly really only preferred the A-Side out of both sides on this album, and Céline’s high notes are screwing with the sound on my system, so I’m gonna call it quits here, it was a pretty decent album. Not many complaints.

Interesting Facts:

Track Listing:
A1 – Mélanie
A2 – Chante-Moi
A3 – Un Amour Pour Moi
A4 – Trop Jeune à Dix-Sept Ans
A5 – Mon Rêve De Toujours

B1 – Va Ou S’En Va L’Amour
B2 – Comme On Disait Avant
B3 – Benjamin
B4 – Trois Heures Vingt
B5 – Une Colombe


Catalog Number:
TBS 501

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Recorded by Rene Godbout & Pierre Tessier

Other Albums I Own by Céline Dion:
Les Chemins De Ma Maison
Tellement J’ai D’Amour…


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