Laura Branigan – “Self Control”

The Sleeve:
105_4705 105_4706

The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
Extra special thanks to Ahmet Ertegun & Doug Morris, my manager Susan Joseph and her cohorts Wally & Henry, my producers Jack White & Robbie Buchanan. Robbie Buchanan & Harold Faltermeier for their music. Jurrgen Koppers who always says no but means yes. Paul Cooper & all of the Atlantians. To my pals Harry, John & Keith at Image Recording. Mamma B. and all of my family I love you. Nay… of course. Huey & Judy B. … two of our trio. Paul Lohman.
Willie B. Will, O.K.? Billy S., My little nanna, and as always L.R.K. my Lar.
For dad, now I know you’re listening.”

Personal Review:
 Okay, to start this review will be a tough one – I absolutely L-O-V-E Laura Branigan and this has to be my all time, hands down favorite album by her. (I do think that is a good way to start.)
Anyways, so the A-Side opens with the track “The Lucky One” which is like an 80’s dance hit, (I can only image it being played in a lot of clubs in the 80’s with dudes in pastel suits.) I can honestly admit, I’ve spent many, many days dancing around to this record. Playing it non-stop. (I’m also quite attached to the lyrics of “The Lucky One” – story of my life.) Anyways, the second track is absolutely amazing, favorite song of all time, theme song of my life, Benji’s song, first 80’s pop song I loved (Possibly.) it’s “Self Control“! (which many people will now remember as being one of the songs in the video game “GTA: Vice City“) Let me just say this… “I, I LIVE AMONG THE CREATURES OF THE NIGHT!” (Best… Line… EVER.) Great song, just sayin’. (Side story! A long time ago, I had phoned a local radio station to play this song for my dog, Benji, when the guy realized I had been the guy who’d been requesting it for days via Twitter, he said he had been on the website, and was quite impressed with my collection. Benji and I danced after.) It’s followed by the love ballad, “Ti Amo” which is like a mix on synth-pop and italo-disco, well, I love it too. Laura is my favorite. (By the way, I am sure it’s a break-up song.) Then comes another pop love ballad, with the song “Heart”, Laura delivers it like a boss! (Interesting fact, that doesn’t belong in the next section. Beth Anderson, the singer who does “Dance, Dance, Dance” on the “Scarface: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” does backing vocals on this record. So, the A-Side ends with the track, “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” which is another love ballad, and preferably the best on this side of the record! (Yes Laura, I will.)

The B-Side opens with the dance pop hit, “Satisfaction” (and no, not a cover of the Rolling Stones song.) – anywho. So, it’s a good song! I like it.Then comes the B-Side hit single (no, really this time…) “Silent Partners” which I can totally see why it’s a hit single. It’s absolutely amazing! (Secret love is my favorite love.) Track 3 is the song “Breaking Out” – it’s a good song, but I find it does have that 80’s kitsch to it, and that is a mood killer. It’s followed by a very similar track, “Take Me“… So, the B-Side closes with the track “With Every Beat of My Heart” – and it’s a sappy love song, that really gets it so the record is at 4.5 stars, and not a 3.5 or a 4. Laura is amazing.

Sadly, Laura passed away in her sleep on August 26th, 2004 of a cerebral aneurysm.

Interesting Facts:
It’s from my moms personal collection – though she denies it.

Track Listing:
A1 – The Lucky One
A2 – Self Control
A3 – Ti Amo
A4 – Heart
A5 – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

B1 – Satisfaction
B2 – Silent Partners
B3 – Breaking Out
B4 – Take Me
B5 – With Every Beat of My Heart


Catalog Number:
78 01471

Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
All Vocals by Laura Branigan
Drums: Carlos Vega & John Robinson
Guitars: Michael Landau, Dan Hufff & Paul Jackson, Jr.
Bass: Nathan East
Pianos & Synthesizers: Robbie Buchanan
Additional Synthesizers: Harold Faltermeier
Saxophone: Larry O. Williams (On “Take Me“)
Background Vocals: Thomas Kelly, Steven George, Bill Champlain, Richard Page, Tommy Funderburk, Jon Joyce, Jim Haas, Joe Chemay, Beth Anderson, Joe Pizzulo

Arranged by Robbie Buchanan and Harold Faltermeier

Recorded at Image Recording, Inc., Los Angeles, California / Music Grinder, Los Angeles, California and Arco Studios, Munich, West Germany
Engineered & Mixed by Jurgen Koppers
Additional Engineering by Harold Faltermeier, Peter Luedemann, Jeremy Smith and Gary Skardina
Assistant Engineers: Keith Buckley, John Ingoldsby and Matt Folger
Mixed at Paradise Studio, Munich, West Germany and Westlake Studios, Los Angeles California
Mastered by Brian Gardner at Allen Zentz Mastering, Hollywood, California
Front Cover photography by Tom Lohman
Stylist: Judy B. Schwartz,
Hair: Hugh Ragan
Make-Up: Me
Creative Direction: Paul Lohman
Art Direction: Bob Defrin
Design: Lynn Dreese Breslin

Produced by Jack White & Robbie Buchanan
Executive Producer: Jack White

Other Albums I Own by Laura Branigan
Hold Me
Self Control / Silent Partners


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  • EFIALTIS FM says:

    Fantastic Album… brings back wonderfull memories, with feelings of ‘saudade’ and melancholy nostalgia. I was a teen at the time, Year 10. One day I heard ‘Self Control’ on a local station and the next day (skipped school) to go buy this album…

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