Jeff Steinberg – “No Turning Back”

The Sleeve:
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The Liner/Sleeve Notes:
Jeff is one of a kind. He bubbles with a God-given joy. And it spills over onto all those who listen to him sing. He has attracted the attention of a maltitude of gospel singing enthusiants in a very short time. His acceptance has been unanimous and overwhelming.
 I’ve known Jeff for several years now and have watched his life, his testimony and his ministry. It has been very gratifying to see his progress.
 An important contribution to Jeff’s ministry is made by still another Jeff – Jeff Rudolff. Jeff Rudloff plays piano for, and sings with Jeff… Steinberg. Incidentally, Jeff Rudloff is a composer and has written three of the songs on this album.
 Jeff Steinberg is a classic example of a transformed inner man. He is indeed ALIVE and LIVING through the resurrected Christ. Born of Hebrew parents, Jeff isn’t just a “converted” Jew, but a “completed” Jew who’s found the Messiah.
 Jeff, yes both Jeffs are beautiful Christians and creative talents. I’m proud to know them both.


Personal Review:  
 So, this has be my favorite Jeff album besides “Something Special from Jeff” – which is another personal favorite Jeff album of mine (though all his albums are amazing.)

 So, the album opens with amazing track “Alive and Living” – it stands out as a pretty good track, Jeff sings about how y’all should be happy about being alive, and how it’ll be even greater when Jesus comes back again. Next up is “The Christian Way” which is another great track, about living the Christian Way and yea, I like it. Then comes “I’m Never Goin’ Back Again” – and to say the least, this song, is one that is like, the one that makes me never want to go back to not liking different types of music and being one of the Faith. Then comes “I Came Here to Stay” which not only showcases Jeff’s amazing God-given talent, but choice of songs show his faith too! It’s a good song with tons of Bible references! So, the A-Side closes with “All He Asked For (Was Love)” – it’s a slow song, but Jeff still delivers it beautifully.

 The B-Side opens with the song “There’s Enough of God’s Love” which is another slow song, but Jeff sings it with true dedication and it makes for an amazing opening track. Next up, is my ultimate favorite Jeff Steinberg song, “Song About Life” – which is just an overall fun song to sing along with, (as I do that a lot.) Jeff is full of talent and each song feels like a new song even if I’ve heard it a million times! Then comes “There Go I” – another slow song, but still amazing. Jeff also hits some amazing high notes. Next up is another personal favorite of mine, “Have a Nice Eternity” (It helped me realize what “trumpets sounding” means) – another amazing song, with a great meaning from a great man! So, the B-Side ends with the track “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” – it’s a slow song, but Jeff has the talent to sing any type of music! So it makes for an excellent closing track!

 So, Jeff still preforms and is still out there!

Interesting Facts:



Track Listing:
A1 – Alive and Living
A2 – The Christian Way
A3 – I’m Never Goin’ Back Again
A4 – I Came Here To Stay
A5 – All He Asked for (Was Love)

B1 – There’s Enough of God’s Love
B2 – Song About Life
B3 – There Go I
B4 – Have A Nice Eternity
B5 – I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

Hymntone Records

Catalog Number:
HPS 7898


Studio Musicians & Other Album Credits:
Guitar – Bill Fisher & Jerome Goditus
Bass – Johnny Brittingham
Drums – Roy King
Producer & Piano – Nick Bruno
Vocal Background – The Jacob Brothers
Engineer – David Still

Other Records I Own By Jeff Steinberg:
“The Glove”
“Masterpiece in Progress”
“Something Special from Jeff”
“Son of Abraham”
Thinking of Love!

Other Albums I Own that Jeff Steinberg Appears On:
Jeff Steinberg With Wind & Fire – “From the Beginning
The Total Victory Trio – “He Must Have Loved Me


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